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Nantou Service Area
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 service area

The guide map of Nantou Service Area

Nantou Service Area


Information counter

The information counter is located beside the nursery room at the main hall.It offers such as:sale telephone card,consultation,broadcasting,exchange nickel,copy,fax,E-mail,call cab etc.The service hour is:AM7:00 to PM23:00。
If travelers who lost property careless.They can ask information counter worker with phone and the lady will enroll it at the lost property  listing.Staffers who work here or travelers that pick-up the lost property will send it to the information counter.The lady will enroll it at the lost property listing and notify the owner to take it back.
If the property unclaimed then the area will send it to the national freeway police bureau attention.

service counter 血壓計傳真
blood pressure gauge、glasses clearer、fax machine


The lobby is located at the center of the main building which provided foods and drinks.It's about 308 seats in the lobby that offer a nice place for travelers to rest.


The store offer diverse merchandise such as : scolopendrium- covering-rice、coffee、bread、kishke、delicatessen、snack、lunch –box etc.It offer traveler utility foods and multiply choice.

Lobby Supermarket


The lavatory is located at the south side and north side of the lobby building.There are 116 rooms for men and women use and 6 rooms for handicapped person use and 92 infundibulum-uronic collector, 68 wash hands’ table for travelers use.This service area also offer free toilt paper for use.


Men's Lavatory Men's Lavatory picture 02 Men's Lavatory picture 03
Women's Lavatory women's Lavatory picture 02  

Landscape garden

Landscape garden around the building and there are many plants in it such as:rose mallow, common crepe myrtle, Chinese firethorn,Oldham elaeagnus,scandent acheffera ,golden dewdrop etc.

Landscape garden 01 Landscape garden 02 Landscape garden 03
Landscape garden 04 Landscape garden 05 Landscape garden 06

 Cripple facility 

Nantou service areas’ lavatory has 6 rooms for crippled person use.It has also constituted parking lot and bank-riding for cripple person in order to come in or out of the service area.
Cripple facility         Crippled parking spaces

 Parking lot

This service area has 619 sedan parking lattice、50 truck parking lattice、51 vinculum-truck parking lattice、40 sightseeing-bus parking lattice、8 cripple parking lattice. Everywhere inside or outside the parking lot, vehicle airt direction is conducted by white arrow or other white guideline. Further more, this service area has  cripple parking lattice in order to cripple people who come in or out of the service area convenient.



The playground is located at the first floor of the main building. It provided travelers a nice place to rest and a wonderful area for children to play. It can increase parenthood between parents and their children.

 Parking lot    Playground

Complain administer

This service area information counter worker and business agents’ office worker can handle the problem that alleged by the traveler on site.Furthermore,this service area has setted up directors’ mail box and offer related forms in order to traveler write the problem that he try to reflection.After receive the problem service area will send it to related unit and the unit will make response as soon as possible.
When receive E-mail general affair department of central district office will distribute the document to related unit and  the unit will make response as soon as possible.


Outdoor fountain

The outdoor fountain is located at the southside of southern lavatory of Nantou service area.When the spout hole ejected water,the grandiose plume was ejected sky high.It is very brilliance.

Complain administer    Outdoor fountain

Nursing Room 
One nursing room is available in the service station, which is equipped with a comfortable sofa,
drinking water fountain, washbasin, and diaper change counter.
Disposable diapers and trolleys are available free of charge at the service counter.
Nursing Room

Freeway Information Kiosk
An Internet connected multimedia information enquiry system includes traffic enquiry, tunnel emergency
telephone, outdoor road emergency telephone, 1968 Freeway live report, and Q&A, are available
through this information counter.
Freeway info. koisk

Address:6, Aly. 142, Ln. 250, Nanxiang Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County, Taiwan 540
Tel:(049)2242956  Fax:(049)2242950
23°53′59.5″N, 120°42′40.7″E

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