Service Guide(14 Service Areas)

Xiluo Service Area

Siluo Service Area

The guide map of Xiluo Service Area



Comfortable dining area

Central air conditioning, entire district wireless , the cold hot boiling water provides.
The dining area has a seating capacity of 280(165 at  the South and 115 at the north).


Agricultural products

Watermelon , garlic , rice , soy sauce. 

vender1        vender2

vender3       vender4

Taiwan Coffee bar and Puppet special area

coffee       puppet

Parking Lot

  South North Total
Automobile 149 178 327
Bus & Truck 31 37 68
Non-barrier parking lot 5 5 10

parkinglot1      parkinglot2

Public Lavatory

There are a total of 114 toilets, including 30 toilets and 84 urinals in the men's
washrooms, 83 toilets in the ladies washrooms, 2 easy access toilets. 
All facilities are clearly marked for easy identification, and free tissue paper is available at the entrance of the washrooms.

All facilities are regularly maintained in good condition.


toilet2       toilet3

Information counter

It provides a full range of services , sale telephone card,consultation,broadcasting,copy,fax,E-mail etc.
The service counter is opened from AM7:00 to PM22:00。

Nursing Room 

One nursing room is available in the service station, which is equipped with a comfortable sofa, drinking water fountain, washbasin, and diaper change counter. Disposable diapers and trolleys are available free of charge at the service counter.

nurseryroom1         nurseryroom2


The ATM machine is opened 24 hours a day. In case of malfunction or irregular operation, please contact the service counter for assistance. ATM

Puppet Show

puppet1          puppet2

西螺布袋戲彩繪        西螺布袋戲教學

puppet5        puppet6

Public phone & Gas Station

Phone cards and coin exchange services are available at the service counter.
The Gas  Station business hour is 24 hours.

 公共電話        gas

Freeway Information Kiosk

An Internet connected multimedia information enquiry system includes traffic enquiry, tunnel emergency 
telephone, outdoor road emergency telephone, 1968 Freeway live report, and Q&A, are available 
through this information counter.


Bilingual Service

In an effort to promote an English-Friendly environment,all signs in the service area are marked with biolanguages or universal icons.

Billingual Service


Address:1, Zhenxing, Xiluo Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan 64881
Tel:(05)5867711   Fax:(05)5879107
23°47′19.2″N, 120°28′38.8″E (Southbound)
23°47′18.9″N, 120°28′46.0″E (Northbound)

Date of Posting :2009-07-29
Source of Information:Central Region Engineering Div
Last Updated:2017-03-13