Service Guide(14 Service Areas)

Xihu Service Area


Xihu Service Area is located at 134k+848 on the National Highway No. 3.



 Information counter

  It provides a full range of services , sale telephone card,consultation,broadcasting,copy,fax,E-mail etc.
The service counter is opened from AM7:00 to PM22:00。
service counter

Nursing Room 

One nursing room is available in the service station, which is equipped with a comfortable sofa,drinking water fountain, washbasin, and diaper change counter. 
Disposable diapers and trolleys are available free of charge at the service counter.

nursing room

Convenience Store & Stores




Parking Lot

parking lot
  This service area has 304 sedan parking lattice、100 truck parking lattice、8 cripple parking lattice. Everywhere inside or outside the parking lot, vehicle airt direction is conducted by white arrow or other white guideline. Further more, this service area has  cripple parking lattice in order to cripple people who come in or out of the service area convenient.

Address:29, Puding, Xihu Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan 36842
Tel:(037)920585  Fax:(037)920215 
24°33′55.97″N, 120°45′37.77″E

Date of Posting :2009-08-20
Source of Information:Central Region Engineering Div
Last Updated:2017-03-13