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Xinying Service Area

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Xinying Service Area is located at 284k+200 of the both sides of National Highway No. 1. The two sides are connected through a pedestrian overpass. Both sides have information desks, tourist lounges, parking lots, public lavatories, gas stations, and so on.

Map of Sinying Service Area

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 The retail service is run by Apple Sidra Corporation. The contract expires on February 28, 2013.

 Sinying Service Area  Park  Park

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icon39Public Facilities


Southbound and northbound. 

Service hours from 7am to 10pm daily. Services include inquiry, broadcasting, assistance in emergency rescue, basic medical treatment, promotion of traffic safety and rules, traffic condition inquiry, lost and found, Xerox copy and facsimile.


icon03Tourist lounge   
A 24hr convenience store, hot and cold snack bars, and restaurant serving meals.


icon03Public lavatories  

A. On the both sides, there are 3 public lavatories, 3 nursery, and 4 toilets for family and handicapped.
B. Anti-camera detection procedure will be implemented from time to time in the Women’s Restrooms.
C. Toilet seat cover paper, paper towels, toilet paper and soap are provided in the restrooms.
D. Large strobe lights and buzzers are installed outside each restroom.Two toilets share a LED light to indicate the location of the person in need for help.Once the tourist asks for help, field janitors can provide immediate help and, when necessary, notify head staff, duty personnel or highway patrol for assistance.

Sinying Service Area  Park
Sinying Service Area  Park

icon03Parking lot  

102 parking spaces for buses are provided in southbound and northbound areas. There are totally 239 parking spaces for compact cars. There are 2 spaces for rehabuses and 6 spaces for handicapped.

Parking lot

icon03Tourist information  
The huge LED bulletin boards and information of construction are set on the both sides to provide the traffic information. There are also shelves providing traffic safety information and DMs approved by Tourism Bureau. Along the hallway of the information center there are tourist maps of nearby attractions.

Tourist information

icon03Gas Station  

The Gas stations on the both sides are run by Formosa Petrol Corporation, and the business hour is 24 hours.

The service time is five years, from February 1, 2009, to January 31st, 2014 .


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Location: National Freeway No. 1 284k+200 Northbound and Southbound
Telephone: 06-6321750 (Northbound), 6321753 (Southbound)
Address: No.72, Sincuo, Jhusin Village, Houbi District, Tainan City 731, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Northbound), No. 69 (Southbound)
GPS:1.TWD67:(178325.947, 2582409.817)
2.TWD97:(179153.503, 2582203.072)
3.WGS84:(120.307157, 23.340905) 

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Date of Posting :2008-01-10
Source of Information:Southern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2017-01-06