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Qingshui Service Area
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♦One,brief introduction of serving area

   First,lying in 172 km of nation road No.3 of the expressway establishing the north.
   Second,land area:standing 138,380sq.m.
No.143, Dongshan Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City 436, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
   Fourth, directly subordinate to the organ: Central District Engineering Department, TANFB, MOTC
   Fifth, restaurant retail shop:  Management by Nanrenhu CO.LTD

♦Two, business scope

   First, management and maintenance of the communal facilities.
   Second, The clean and safeguard of the environment and the view of station area. 
   Third, the supervision of the goods and management of the restaurant retail shops.
   Fourth, traffic safety and decree declared and guide.
   Fifth, services for the people. 
   Sixth, the guest receives and service.

 ♦Third, service item of serving area:

1.645 parking spaces for cars. 
   136 parking spaces for buses and trucks.
     13 parking spaces for handicaped cars. 
parking lot

 2.Public restrooms: (open in 24ours)
Offering free toilet paper、soap.There are 97 squatting type and 33 sitting type toilets in the ladies restrooms,and 30 squatting type, 10 sitting type, and 156 urinals in the men’s restrooms.

3.ATM(open in 24 hours)
Offering the convenient service that the passenger
claims cashes,transfers accounts.
4.The gas station is run by CPC Corporation, Taiwan, and the business hour is 24 hours.
ATM gas station

5.Offering free paper diaper,toilet paper,shower gel,water dispenser. 
nursing room

6.It provides a full range of services , sale telephone card,consultation,broadcasting,copy,fax,E-mail etc.The service counter is opened from AM7:00 to PM23:00。
service counter


8.Information freeway kiosk

An Internet connected multimedia information enquiry system includes traffic enquiry, tunnel emergency telephone, outdoor road emergency telephone, 1968 Freeway live report, and Q&A, are available through this information counter. 
Information freeway kiosk

9.Outdoor playground & Arts
Outdoor playground & Arts

Outdoor playground & Arts 

Address87, Wucuo 2nd St., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 43641
Tel:04-26201378    Fax:04-26202429
24°16′51.7″N, 120°36′02.9″E

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