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Redesign of Freeway Exit Signs
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 1.      Redesign of Freeway Exit Signs

The signs have white characters, arrows and borders on a green background.The shape and color of markings for road numbers must be consistent with the signs on all other highways and expressways. The exit names have been chosen based on distance, population, socio-economic development of cities/townships and areas that have heavier traffic, with a maximum of two names per sign. In areas where there are no major townships/cities, well known landmarks or locations will be used as substitutes.

Due to restrictions, the Bureau is unable to set up all three signs for Direction 31, Direction 32, and Direction 33. In addition to the required Direction 33 sign, only one extra Direction 32 sign will be put up one kilometer ahead of the exit.

 Direction 31 sign: set up 2 kilometers ahead of the exit.


 Direction 32 sign: set up 1 kilometer before the exit.


Direction 33 sign: set up in an appropriate place between the starting point of the deceleration lane and the beginning of the ramp.


2.      Indirect Exit signs: to facilitate indirect connections and using graphics (or characters) to represent complex maneuvers.
  (1)Indirect Connection Exit Alert:
            New guide signs will be set up as a priority this year(2007) for freeway networks that involve indirect connections. Signs indicating indirect connections to other national freeway systems will be set up ahead of the exit to direct road users to places and roads indicated.
  (2)Complex Maneuver Alert Signs:
            New guide signs will be set up as a priority this year(2007) for complex maneuvers or to replace ambiguous directions.

            The signs will be installed ahead of an exit to indicate routes for multiple exit systems and to direct road users to places and roads indicated.

Exits into areas requiring complex maneuvers may be supplemented with Direction 33.1 signs, and

exits with indirect connections may be marked with Direction 31.1 or Direction 33.2 signs.


Direction 33.1 sign


 Direction 33.2 sign


  3. Examples

   1. Indirect Connection Signs: Graphic(example: new signs on National Freeway No.3 main line)
       (1)Diagram I National Freeway No.4(Plum blossom logo) above the route indicates that the exit 
       connects to National Freeway No.4 and exits to Qingshui and Shengang.
       (2)Diagram I National Freeway No.4(Plum blossom logo) indicates a connection to National
       Freeway No.1 via National Freeway No.4. 
       (3)The 1000m at the bottom of the sign indicates the exit is 1000 meters ahead.
       (4)When the distance is not shown(ex:Diagram II), this means the exit lies immediately ahead.

Diagram I                                                        Diagram II

中港系統(清水與神岡)間接通達指引標誌(1000m)     中港系統(清水與神岡)間接通達指引標誌

  2.   Indirect Connection:Characters
             (1)This sign shows that this exit connects to National Freeway No.3 and Wanli to the north as well as 
       Muzha to the south.
             (2)National Freeway No.5 can be accessed via National Freeway No.3.


3.  Complex Maneuver Alert signs: 

The sign in Diagram  is located on the National Freeway No.1 Hsinchu System Interchange, which shows that this interchange connects to National Freeway No.3 via the first exit and leads to Zhudong and exits National Freeway No.3 again at the second exit en route to Zhunan.



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