Freeway Bureau English Vision
icon Development
  2017-05-05 The changes in Taiwan’s freeway toll collection methods

icon Objectives and Background
  2017-05-05 Objective and background of implementing electronic toll collection

icon Migration Process
  2017-05-05 Migration from pay-at-toll station to distance-based electronic toll collection by two steps

icon The Challenges of ETC
  2017-05-05 Challenges of distance-based electronic toll collection

icon Current Situation
  2017-05-05 Operation status and benefits of distance-based ETC

icon Spreading Taiwan’s ETC experiences
  2017-05-05 Three Number One on world record by Taiwan’s distance-based ETC

icon Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co.(FETC)

icon Special Report on Electronic Toll Collection「Public Participation in Build and Operate Project for Electronic Toll Collection System on Freeways」