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Duties of the Toll and Service Division
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Three sections in this division have the following duties:

I、Financial Affairs Section
1.Drafting of amendments regarding national freeway fund financing.
2.Management, implementation and auditing of national freeway funding.
3.Long/short term fundraising and repayment of the national freeway funds.
4.Financial planning and evaluation for national freeway construction and operational plans.
5.Setting and adjusting toll rates
6.Other delegated affairs.

II、 Auditing Section
1.Drafting and amending rules on toll operations.
2.Planning, supervision and evaluation of toll operation.
3.Compilation and evaluation of annual estimates for toll stations.
4.Toll ticket management.
5.Other delegated affairs.

III、 Operations Section
1.Drafting and amending rules on service area operations.
2.Management and supervision for commission of service areas.
3.Evaluation and supervision for facility planning of service area operations.
4.Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) station management and supervision.
5.Other delegated affairs.

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