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Freeway No. 8 – Tainan Line (Tainan – Xinhua)
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Distances of facilities (interchanges, toll stations, service areas) from starting points of freeways
Freeway No. 8 – Tainan Line (Tainan – Xinhua)
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Name of facility Distance from starting point Serving/connecting Eastbound exit to  Westbound exit to


Tainan Top 0 Tainan (Annan) ------  Downtown Tainan  
Xinji Interchange 2 Anding, Xingang, Tainan ------  Annan, Xingang

Entrance for eastbound traffic and exit for westbound traffic only

Tainan System Interchange 6 Freeway No. 1 Taichung, Tainan Taichung, Tainan  
Xinshi Interchange 9 Xinshi, Yongkang Yongkang, Xinshi, Tainan Science Park Xinshi, Yongkang, Tainan Science Park  
Xinhua Interchange 14 Freeway No. 3 Pingtung , Douliu Pingtung , Douliu  
Xinhua End 15 Xinhua, Shanshang Xinhua, Shanshang, Zuozhen ------  


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