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Taiwan Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System
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    The 926 km of National Freeways in Taiwan has seamlessly migrated from manual tolling operated for 40 years to Multi-lane Free Flow (MLFF) distance-based electronic toll collection. With record of approximately 16 million daily transactions, high vehicle detection accuracy rate (99.9%) and successful tolling rate (99.8%), along with complete service and operation model, Taiwan ETC System has garnered international recognitions by winning multiple awards from associations such as International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA), International Road Federation (IRF), and ITS World Congress.
    The accumulated big data collected by the ETC System can be used for smart traffic management, for example tracking or forecasting road traffic condition. Currently, it is being applied in the provision of real-time information for road users via the mobile application “Freeway 1968” in order to improve the quality of freeway services.
    This technical tour will introduce the successful case of ITS – Taiwan ETC System, and its migrating experience. Also, the premier tolling site gantry and tolling facilities will also be visited.

                                                Multi-lane Free Flow Gantry 1

                                                Multi-lane Free Flow Gantry 2

                                                     Windshield eTag


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