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Zhongli Service Area

Zhongli Service Area  Service guide

Zhongli service station was opened on September 20, 1978. It is located at the 55K+50 mark on national Freeway No.1 South. A North lobby and restrooms were added in March 1984. In view of the increasing volume of traffic, the original facilities or spaces had become insufficient. The Bureau therefore decided to rebuild the service area. New constructions, including the Parking lot, new buildings, and the new gas station were completed and opened on November 24, 1999. In June 2001, the service station, covering an area of 6.2 hectors, was renamed as Zhongli Service Area.

Jhongli Service Area Service

◎Layout of major facilities
    Layout of major facilities

◎Service Excellence
I. Certified Clean Public Toilets by Taoyuan County Government in 2005 and 2006.
II. Rated Number One Easy Access Service Facilities by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in 2006.
III. Rated Number One Special Architecture Easy Access Living Environment by the Ministry of the Interior in 2006.
IV. Rated Number One in the service station category by the Bureau in 2005 and 2006.
V. Rated Number One Service Station Contractor by the Bureau in 2005, 2006, and 2007.
VI. Rated Number One National Gas Station Landscape by China Petroleum Company in 2003, 2004, and 2005.
VII. Rated Number Two in the 2007 the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Affiliated Organizations Office Environmental Protection Movement.
VIII. 2006 Excellent English Living Environment, Executive Yuan. 

◎Zhongli Service Area and Taoyuan - an Integration of Local Culture and Geographic Features
hongli Service Area is a special project combining the development of tourism industry, local culture, and administrative policies of the Taoyuan County Government. Other than the long-term strategic partnership with the county’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Bureau of Tourism, and Zhongli City Administration, the office of the Zhongli Service Station has been actively involved in local cultural activities, such as the 2006 Taoyuan Water-lily Festival and the 2006 and 2007 Hakka Tung Flower Festivals. Zhongli Service Station has been an active member of the local community.    Jhongli Service Area and Taoyuan - an Integration of Local Culture and Geographic Features

◎The first service area in the nation offering mobile office and wireless Internet services
Zhongli Service Area has installed wall TV screens in the lobby to broadcast live traffic reports through a connection with the traffic control center. This service aims to provide the latest traffic news to the road users. Even more, Zhongli Service Area offers convenient mobile office and wireless Internet services to business travelers.
  The first service area in the nation offering mobile office and wireless Internet services

Parking lot
The Parking lot features 205 parking spaces for cars (including 5 handicap spaces), 24 spaces for trucks, and 15 spaces for trailers. For convenience, all of them are clearly marked with signs and specific numbers.
   Parking lot

◎Service Counter
The service counter is located in middle of the South lobby, providing the following services – toll tickets, phone cards, directions, announcement services, lost and found, coin exchange, photocopy, fax, e-mail, taxi, hotel booking, and travel information. The counter is open from 7:00 – 23:00.
   Service Counter

◎South Lobby
The south lobby is located in the left wing of the main building. The South Lobby houses and an array of convenient facilities and services for travelers. There is one traffic inquiry station, one drinking fountain, one TV set, one LED information board, one Post Office ATM machine, one travel information shelf, one wall TV screen, and one service counter in the South lobby. There are also three payphones outside of the lobby.
   South Lobby
◎North Lobby Food Court
The North Lobby houses an array of food services, providing a diversified range of choices to road users. There are also three phones outside of the lobby.
   North Lobby Food Court

◎Convenience Store
The convenience store is located in between the two lobbies. The store carries a range of 2,800 items, including hot beverages, ready-to-eat foods, local feature products, Japanese oden soup, meal service, snacks, beverages, dairy products, bread, meal boxes, noodles, and fruits.
   Convenient Store

◎Coffee Bar and Dining Area
The coffee bar serves a range of iced or hot coffee, beverages, and refreshments. It is designed in an elegant style with a great view. The clean and relaxing dining has the ambience of a grand hotel, providing road users a comfortable place for a brief rest.
   Coffee Bar and Dining Area

◎Handicap Service
To improve access for those with limited mobility, we have also installed a full range of special facilities, including dedicated parking spaces, ramps, tactile guide paths for the blind, handrails, special telephones, automatic doors, wheelchair services, service ringers, and specialized restroom facilities.
   Handicap Service

◎Hakka Garden Restaurant
To ease the holiday crowd, a restaurant with seating for 138 customers was added to the back of the South lobby. In addition to authentic Hakka gourmet, the Hakka Garden Restaurant serves a wide range of refreshments and beverages. It is one of the best places for dining, resting, and gathering.
   Hakka Garden Restaurant

Behind the service station is a beautiful park approximately 3 hectares. It is one of the best resting places. In Park, you will be surrounded by a full range of beautiful trees and flowers, such as Hoop Pine, Butterfly Tree, Ficus, Sweetgum, Autumn maple tree, Elm, Camphor, Cypress, Formosa Goldenrain Tree, Acacia, Palaquium formosanum, Common jasmine orange, Azalea, Osmanthus, Rose, Sago Cycas, and Croton.   Park

◎Public Restrooms
Public Restrooms are symmetrically located by the sides of the main buildings. There are 32 squatting type and 16 sitting type toilets in the ladies restrooms, and 12 squatting type, 6 sitting type, and 48 urinals in the men’s restrooms. There are also 14 faucets outside each restroom. The janitorial staff check the restrooms six times a day between 6:00 and 24:00 to provide you with clean facilities.

◎Zhongli Service Area has the Only Quick-Response Police Station along the National Freeways
To ensure the safety and property of road users, Zhongli Service Area joined forces with the National Highway Police First Squad to set up the only quick-response police station at the best spot inside of the station. The ladies restrooms are also installed with emergency service ringers that are directly connected to the security company and the police station to ensure the quickest response upon occurrence of incidents.
   Jhongli Service Area has the Only Quick-Response Police Station along the National Freeways

◎FETC Zhongli Service Area Center
FETC Customer Service Hotline: 02-7716-1998
Opening hours: 8.00 – 21.00
(1)Applying for an E-Toll OBUFETC Jhongli Service Area Center
 Please come with your car and bring your drivers license and vehicle registration. If you are not the car owner, please bring along your national ID, drivers license, and car license. Please apply at direct outlets, appointed gas stations, car shops, and car service centers near you.

(2) Purchasing the card and adding value
Purchase your Purchasin electronic payment card at direct outlets, appointed convenient stores, and appointed agents. Add-value services are available at all direct outlets and appointed convenience stores. Please be reminded that only cash is accepted.

(3)  Reminders
Please make sure that the card has sufficient remaining value and the battery of the OBU is charged. Please use the ETC lanes while passing the toll stations. From now on, you are one notch faster than the rest. 

◎Water Fountain
The water fountain was completed on September 1, 2001. Located at the left side of the station, the water fountain is circular with a circumference of approximately 4,860 cm. There are seats and a children’s playground by the side. The water fountain is scheduled for regular light and sound performances, especially at night when the view is spectacular. The schedule is:
18:00 – 18:30, 19:00 – 19:30, and 20:00 – 20:30 
   Water Fountain

◎Gas Station
That gas station is located at the right side near the exit of the service station. In addition to gasoline services, the gas station provides water, air, carwash, and restroom services. Tel: 03-4622920; Address: No. 85-15 Neiding Sianeili, Zhongli City.
   Gas Station
◎Taoyuan Airport Shuttle
The airport shuttle stop is located outside of the north wind restrooms. The service runs 24-hours a day. For more information, please click U-Bus – Welcome.
   Taoyuan Airport Shuttle

The office is at the rear-end of the main building. The office is regularly stationed by one supervisor, two assistances, and one janitorial staff. For enquiries, comments, or assistances, please dial 03-4617097/fax-03-4525068

 ◎We Treasure Your Opinions
The office set up several Customer Service Mailboxes and Directorate General Mailboxes by the side of the service counter, lobby, and entrance of restrooms. The office also conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys. The statistics are important references for regular improvements to serve you better. We appreciate all your suggestions.
   We Treasure Your Opinions

◎Traffic Information
(I)Instant Traffic Update
1. Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, MOTC
   Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau Information System
(II)Travel Information
1. Tourism Bureau, MOTC
2.Taoyuan County Portal

◎Our Mission and Prospects
The Zhongli Service Area is dedicated to offering the best service. Station staff live up to the mottos “quality first, service first” and “professional management, customer satisfaction” to offer road users the best services with continuous innovation and progress. After the implementation of corporate management models, the service station has had new landscape additions and facilities. The station has made substantial improvements which have been recognized by the authorities and highly graded by the road users. The office and all of its staff members will continue to strive for progress and enhance the service station’s overall image.

No.998-3, Neiding 2nd St., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Date of Posting :2008-01-14
Source of Information:Northern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2016-03-21