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Dongshan Service Area

Dongshan Service Area

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 Donshan service area



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Dongshan Service Area is located at the northbound 319K+900 of the National Highway No. 3. The total measure of area is about 40 hectares (including the transfer station), and it is the largest expressway service area. It was commenced on October 15, 2001.

Dongshan Service Area Map

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icon003Service Contractor

The retail service is run by the President Chain Store Corporation. The contract expires on May 15, 2013.

Dongshan Service Area 7-11 Dongshan Service Area
Dongshan Service Area Dongshan Service Area

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icon003Public Facilities

DSSR Information Service hour from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Services include inquiry, broadcasting, assistance in emergency rescue, basic medical treatment, promotion of traffic safety and rules, traffic condition inquiry, lost and found, Xerox copy and facsimile.
icon003Tourist Lounge 
DSSR Tourist Lounge The tourist lounge is located in the first and second floor of the main building with good ambient light. The area includes the parking lot and public lavatories. The lounge has five exists.
icon003Public Lavatory  

DSSR Public Lavatory

DSSR Nursery

1.There are four public lavatories in the area including 32 toilets and 106 urinals for men, 95 toilets for women, 4 restrooms for family and handicapped, and 2 nurseries.

2.Each lavatory provides toilet seat cover paper, tissue paper, and hand wash lotion.Each nursery provides diapers, toilet paper, cold and hot water.

3.Anti-camera detection procedure will be implemented from time to time in the Women’s Restrooms.

4.Large strobe lights and buzzers are installed outside each restroom.Two toilets share a LED light to indicate the location of the person in need for help.Once the tourist asks for help, field janitors can provide immediate help and, when necessary, notify head staff, duty personnel or highway patrol for assistance.

5.Reporting number: (06)6233834; the mobile phone number of the one in duties: 0910860712

6.Service and emergency numbers are posted at the entrance of each restroom to provide timely assistance.

icon003Parking Lot  
 DSSR Parking lot

1.The Large Vehicle Parking Lot owns 7 spaces for buses, 63 spaces for trucks, 35 spaces for trailers, and one space for rehabus.

2.The Small Vehicle Parking Lot owns 422 spaces.

3.There are 10 spaces for handicapped.

 icon003Tourist Information  
DSSR Toruist Information 1.This area is equipped with two show maps, two computers for traffic condition inquiry, two indoor bulletin boards as well as three outdoor bulletin boards.

2.On the DM shelves, tourists can find DMs on traffic safety and DMs made by private companies approved by the Tourism Bureau.
icon003Gas Station  
DSSR Gas station The gas station is run by CPC Corporation, Taiwan, and the business hour is 24 hours. The service time is five years, from September 1, 2002, to August 31, 2007.

The station owns 6 oil tanks, 4 oil pumps stations, 40 gas pumps, and simple vehicle maintenances service. Tel: (06)6230796 .
icon003Public Art  
DSSR Public Art Capture the Feeling of Youth
The artist is Mr. Tawei Kuo. The artifact is hung on the west of the tourist lounge, and is made of acrylic board and steel. The theme of the work is to present the natural pulse of the universe and the abundance creativity of human beings.
DSSR Public Art A Horseman in the Country
The artist is Mr. Jhenping Dong. The work is stationed at the entrance of the service area, and is made of stainless steel. The theme of the work is to present the simple and true country nature through the horse and the horseman.
DSSR Public Art Rest
The artist is Sing Lang Chen. The theme of the work is to present the necessity of resting to give peace and quietness to mind.
DSSR Public Art The Auspicious Golden Rooster
The artist is Sing Lang Chen. The work is placed at the sourth of the pagoda tree, and is made of steel. The theme is to the auspiciousness and joyfulness through a golden rooster.
DSSR Public Art Lucky
The artist is Sing Lang Chen. Through a dog is running on a rolling ball and another dog is watching, the theme of the work is to present the auspiciousness in the year of dog.

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icon003Contact Us

Location: National Freeway No. 3 319k+900 Northbound
Telephone: 06-6230147
Address: No.74-6, Fangzihlin, Dongshan District, Tainan City 733, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
1.TWD67:(188031.652, 2580278.467)
2.TWD97:(188859.339, 2580071.661)
3.WGS84:(120.402157, 23.322050)

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Date of Posting :2008-01-09
Source of Information:Southern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2017-01-06