Service Guide(14 Service Areas)

Taian Service Area

taian service area

Brief introduction of serving area


lying in 158 kilometers of national road No.1 of the freeway establishing two stations of the south and the north.


land area:standing 38,206.68aq.m. in the north,standing 106,665aq.m. in the south.


directly subordinate to the organ: Central District Engineering Department, TANFB, MOTC.


restaurant retail shop: Entrusting the Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Resort CO.,LTD managing.

service items



♦ Service items of serving area 




The information desk:【South】【North】
Service line: (North)04-2557-4301 / (South)04-2557-2100
Service items:
1. Wireless internet, Fax. and Copy Services
2. Financial Information on Line Services
3. Toll Ticket and Phone Card Services
4. Delivery Services
5. Traffic Information Services
6. Vehicles Information
7. Tourism and Package Tour Information.
8. Provides the napkins for babies and the adults
9. Broadcast service
10. Lost-and-found service


service counter

Address:400, Jiujia 7th Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 42144
Tel:(04)25574301     Fax:(04)25572663
24°19′40.4″N, 120°42′57.1″E 

Date of Posting :2008-07-24
Source of Information:Central Region Engineering Div
Last Updated:2017-03-13