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Technical Division

Responsibilities of Technical Division

I.Planning Section
 1.Planning, evaluation and coordination for freeway engineering projects.
 2.Investigation, collection and analysis of data for freeway project planning and design.
 3.Drafting of design principles for freeway engineering.
 4.Feasibility studies, planning, design, evaluation and reporting of results for freeway projects.
 5.Evaluation of environments for freeway engineering and related affairs.
 6.Other delegated affairs.

II.Design Section
 1.Drafting of engineering design principles for structures (including tunnels).
 2.Design and evaluation for building structures (including tunnels) in engineering projects.
 3.Planning, design and evaluation for building structures in engineering projects.
 4.License approval for building construction, interior renovation and public safety inspections under the jurisdiction authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.
 5.Design and evaluation of building water and electricity systems and freeway lighting projects.
 6.Planning and design of noise barriers facilities for freeway projects.
 7.Other delegated affairs.

III.Information Section
 1.Planning, installation and maintenance of administrative information systems.
 2.Handling and maintaining data on the host system.
 3.Development, collection and organization of computer programs for the administrative information system.
 4.Integration and planning for the administrative information system.
 5.Handling and coordinating of information and communication security affairs.
 6.Other delegated affairs.

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