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Budget Accounting Statistics Office-OLD

Budget Accounting Statistics Office

 Budget Accounting Statistics Office

I、First Section
 1.Planning, study, analysis and compilation of annual budgets (estimates) as well as budget allocation plans, reviews, analysis and reporting. 
 2.Accounting unit establishment and restructuring and affairs related to recruitment, dismissal, reassignment, training, evaluation, reward and punishment of accounting personnel. 
 3.Other delegated affairs.

II、Second Section 
 1.Budget implementation, control and reserves. 
 2.Approval of expenditures as well as evaluation of receipt certificates and reporting of bookkeeping certifications. 
 3.Approval and supervision for procurement projects. 
 4.Affairs related to audits of assets. 
 5.Internal auditing-related affairs. 
 6.Supervision and evaluation of subordinate accounting units.
 7.Other delegated affairs.

III、Third Section
 1.Study and drafting of accounting systems. 
 2.Compilation of annual accounting reports, final accounts and related affairs.
 3.Registration of accounting books and certificates, vouchers, forms and books and matters related to the binding and safekeeping of these records.
 4.Auditing, followup and settlement of unsettled accounts.
 5.Processing and coordinating audits by supervisory units.
 6.Verification of bank accounts and affairs related to inspections of subordinate units.
 7.Research, planning and implementation of computerization for the Bureau’s accounting system.
 8.Other delegated affairs. 

IIII、Forth Section
 1.Creation of files for statistics and affairs related to plans for reporting of official statistics.
 2.Affairs related to auditing, analysis and compilation of statistical reports, evaluation and reporting.
 3.Revenue account management and related affairs.
 4.Auditing of toll payment operations.
 5.Other delegated affairs

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