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Functions of the Land Division
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I .Land Use Section

1. Processing of road rights and cadastral survey data; surveys and installations, replacement, maintenance and supervision of border markers.

2. Application for rezoning of land used for freeways as part of urban planning .

3. Rezoning of non-urban land used for freeways.

4. Demarcation, coordination, joint-surveys and supervision of new surveys for cadastral maps.

5. Application for installation of public pipelines, utility poles and cables; supervision of lease management.

6. Mapping of areas where construction is prohibited, building of advertising structures outside road rights perimeters, supervision of surveillance and reporting of violations.

7. Price negotiation, procurement, expropriation and appropriation of land added to system and classification of surface rights.

8. Coordination with local governments to estimate the value of buildings on added land and negotiation with original proprietors for demolition and relocation.

9. Review, approval and payment of compensation and operational fees related to land expropriation.

10. Appropriation of public land within existing road rights perimeters.

11. Other duties as assigned.

II. Property Section

1. Registration and control of acquired property rights or management rights.

2. Management of property registrations and documents, tax deductions and exemptions and insurance for housing structures.

3. Joint review of construction licenses.

4. Protection of freeway property rights and handling and supervision of related litigation.

5. Establishment and revision of registrations and classification of property data cards.

6. Revision of related lists, documents and card records as part of new surveys for cadastral maps.

7. Payment and endorsement of contracts for land expropriation and appropriation.

8. Compilation of statistics and reporting of public property under the jurisdiction of the National Freeway Bureau.

9. Supervision of processes regarding illegal construction within a road rights perimeter.

10. Review and supervision of roadside slope use and landscape maintenance on interchanges.

11.Review and supervision of leased land within a road rights perimeter.

12. Review of public property management within subordinate units.

13. Other duties as assigned.

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