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Traffic Management Division
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The Traffic Management Division is organized with three sections and one center(task force), each is responsible for the following duties:
一、Traffic Management Section
(一)Planning and amending related regulations for highway traffic safety and management
(二)Coordination with highway police duties
(三)Planning, coordination, communication and compliance for traffic control affairs.
(四)Planning and promotion of traffic safety education
(五)Planning and coordination of towing services.
(六)Supervision and evaluation of planning, design and operation of weighing facilities.
(七)Management of weighing facility properties.
(八)Accidents data processing and analysis
(九) Approving of transporting oversize goods and special machinery.
(十) Managing the delivery time and route of dangerous goods.
(十一) Supervision of compensation for  facilities damaged.
(十二) Compiling the data of the fine of traffic violation distributed to the bureau.
二、Traffic Engineering Section
(一)Planning and amending in design standards of traffic engineering facilities.
(二)Planning, design and evaluation of traffic engineering facilities
(三)Planning and execution of traffic surveys.
(四)Planning of traffic engineering budgets.
(五)Execution of traffic engineering budgets.
(六)Supervision and evaluation of traffic engineering projects
三、 Communication Section
(一)Planning, design and evaluation of traffic control and telecommunication systems.
(二)Supervision and evaluation of the operations of traffic control and telecommunication systems.
(三) Evaluation of line relocation of traffic control and telecommunications systems.
(四) Budgeting for traffic control and telecommunication systems.
(五) Management of assets for traffic control and telecommunication systems.
(六) The license management of telecommunication systems.
四、Traffic Information Management, Coordination and Command Center
(一)Traffic flow data collection, management, storing, publishing, and other application purposes.
(二)Traffic database planning, development and applications.
(三)Traffic simulation system planning, establishing and applications.
(四)Travel time data estimation and the information publishing.
(五)Traffic information statistics, analysis and publishing.

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