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A. Date of establishment: 
May 1, 1991
B. Origin
Widening Construction Office was set up in accordance with the Organization Regulation Article 11 as the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, on April 15, 1991, in response to the Executive Yuan’s Tai 80 Yanzongzi No. 1678 order, and on May 1 of the same year, it was officially approved as a provisional organization.
The Widening Construction Office’s original name was the Xizhi Wugu Section Elevated Viaduct Widening Construction Office. Its main duty was to manage the 21.5 kilometer xizhi-Wugu Section elevated viaduct widening project of the Freeway No.1 located in the Taipei metropolitan. Later, considering with the capacity of the Freeway No. 1 was insufficient and the traffic service level was steadily declining, this office was responded to a request by the Executive Yuan on July 1, 1996 and changed its name to the Widening Construction Office. The office so continued with the widening project for the 80 kilometer long Freeway No. 1 Yangmei-Hsinchu and Hsinchu-Sanyi sections. In addition, to comply with the government's plan to stimulate our nation’s economic development from the south to the north and narrow the gap between urban and country areas, after completing the widening and building of the Yangmei-Hsinchu and Hsinchu-Sanyi sections in stages, the Widening Construction Office then proceeded with the widening project for the rest 155 kilometer of the Freeway No. 1 (Sun Yat Sen Freeway), Yuanlin-Kaohaiung section in 1998, and it’s expected that before the end of 2007 this section will be opened to traffic in stages.
Beside the main duty of the freeway No.1 widening project in aforementioned, the office has been entrusted to manage the freeway bridges seismic retrofitting project since 2007, and the first stage of the project had been completed in 2009.
The Freeway No.2, the main route heading to the Taoyuan International Airport and also linking up the freeway No.1 and No.3, started to widen since 2009 and the widening project is going to complete on May of 2012.
Some interchanges of freeway No.1 and No.3 also need building and improving, they are:
1.       New-built Interchange for freeway No.1: the Dahua-System-Interchange (has been completed in 2011), the Touwu-Interchange, the Tongluo-Interchange, the Minxiong-Interchange (has been completed in 2012).
2.       Improvement Interchange for freeway No.1: the Wugu-Interchange (has been completed in 2010).
3.       New-built Interchange for freeway No.3: the Nantou-Interchange.
4.       Improvement Interchange for freeway No.3: the Sintai-5th Road Interchange, the Nangon-Interchange, the Tucheng-Interchange (has been completed in 2011).
C. Main responsibilities
 • Freeway widening construction
 • Interchange new-built and improvement
 • Bridge Seismic Retrofitting
 • Refurbishment of toll stations and service areas related widening and building projects
 • Temporary traffic management for the construction site.
D. Contact us
Widening Construction Office - Contact us
• Email:
• Telephone: 02-2795-6956
operator );02-8791-9235Emergency Adaptive Team)
• Fax: 02-8791-9732
• Address: 6F., No.12, Ln. 193, Sec. 2, Chenggong Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
Widening Construction Office - Magistracy

Director:Kuo Cheng-chang
Deputy Directors:Chen Shao-Lai

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