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Objective and background of implementing electronic toll collection
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According to statistics, about 65% of cars did not go through toll stations when using freeways at the time of flat-rate toll station and therefore did not have to pay tolls and results in a “Toll Equity” issue. In order to reach the goal of toll equity to all freeway users, which flat-rate toll station toll collection system failed to fulfill, the government decided to implement distance-based toll collection system. However, there will be land requisition and labor recruitment issues to be solved if adopting manual toll collecting system. Therefore, distance-based system, which combines electronic toll collection and technologies of computer and communication, serves as a solution to the problem.
Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB) decided to adopt BOT model to implement the national freeway electronic toll collection system. This system can not only expand toll collecting capacity, shorten toll collecting time, reduce air pollution, but also be more convenient and safer for freeway users. In short, the goal of reaching equity by “pay-as-you-go” can be reached by this distance-based electronic toll collecting system.

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