Freeway Bureau English Vision
Construction Projects in 2019
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1.The Subsequent Project of "the Taiwan Freeway Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program"
2.Planning and Design of National Freeway No. 3, addition of Gaoyuan Interchange
3.Planning and Design of Freeway Interchange of National Freeway No. 3 to Tai No. 66
4.The long-term improvement construction project for Tian-Liao No.3 overpass bridge and Zhong-Liao tunnel on National Freeway No. 3
5.Project of National Freeway No.4-Fongyuan-Tanzi Section of Taichung Beltway
6.New-Built of Freeway from Dayuan Interchange of National Freeway No. 2 to Tai No. 15
7.Project of National Freeway No.7-Kaohsiung Section