Freeway Bureau,MOTC English Vision

Freeway Bureau English Vision
Construction Projects in 2024
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1.Taiwan Freeway Bridge Seismic Retrofit (Section 1 to Section 3)
2.Planning and Design of Freeway Interchange of National Freeway No.3 to Tai No.66
3.3.Planning and Design of Freeway Interchange of National Freeway No.1 to Tai No.74
4.Project of National Freeway No.7-Kaohsiung Section
5.National Freeway No.1 Wugu Interchange to build new entry and exit ramps Improvement Project
6.National Highway No.1 Linkou Interchange Improvement Project
7.National Freeway No.1 Zhongfeng Interchange Construction and Mainline Improvement Engineering Project
8.National Freeway No.1 Widening Project from Yangmei to Toufen
9.National Freeway No.1 Taiwan section North Outer Ring
10.National Freeway No.3 Bei-Tucheng interchange new construction project
11.National Freeway No.1A Project
12.National Freeway No.1 Expansion of Zaoqiao Interchange Project
13.National Freeway No.1 Expansion of Gangshan Second Interchange Project
14.Taipei Interchange and Yuanshan Interchange Improvement of National Freeway No.1 Project
15.National Freeway No.2A Extension from High way Tai-15 to Tai-61 Construction Project
16.National Freeway No.3 Expansion of Taoyuan Bade Interchange Project
17.Tainan System Interchange Improvement and Tainan Municipal Route No.133 Grade-separated Intersection of National Freeway No.8 Project
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