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ETC Operation Status and System Performance
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Distance-based electronic toll collecting system establishes gantries between any two interchanges on the main line. There are a total of 335 gantries. The utilization rate and eTag installation rate have gradually increased since the implementation of distance-based toll collection on December 30, 2013. Now the utilization rate has reached 93% and the installation rate has also above 90%.
Now the electronic toll collecting system can process about 16 million transactions a day in average, the vehicle detection accuracy rate has reached 99.9% while the tolling accuracy rate can even reach 99.97%, the highest standards compared with other country worldwide. The operating status shows in the following table.


ETC Customers
Over 7.8 million
ETC Daily Transactions
Daily average: 16.2 million
eTag Usage Rate
Above 92.50%
Successful Tolling Rate
Above 99.99%
System Availability Rate
Above 99.99%
Vehicle Detection Accuracy Rate
Above 99.98%
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