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In Taiwan, there has implemented the flat-rate manual toll collection for over 40 years. After 10 years of reforming, in 2014 we seamlessly migrate our tolling system from manual toll collection to a Multi-Lane-Free-Flow distance-based electronic toll collection. As such, this System has managed to achieve three world records: we are the first country in the world to implement nationwide all electronic tolling system on the entire freeway networks; we are also the first country in the world to transform the nationwide freeway tolling system from flat-rate plaza-based manual system to distance-based tolling system; and also, we have the longest ETC system in the world, spanning 926 kilometers. Recently, industry experts from United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam have visited Taiwan ETC to learn related from our experiences and knowhow.
ETC is all by our country planning, construction, operation and integration, the system is stable and mature, has the advantage of the entire plant output. FETC have already provided consultancy services to Vietnam, Philippines, and Kazakhstan.

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