News Update

Important notice : A segment of East-bound Expressway 66, near Dashi Exit, will be closed due to construction, starting from 6:00 am 7 May till Sept. of 2023. Please use a newly installed ramp instead.

Construction will be commenced in order to enable connection of Freeway 3 to Expressway 66, and a segment of east-bound Expressway 66 will thus be closed from 6:00am  7 May  till Sept. of 2023.

Please use the following directions during the construction period

For the users of Expressway 66

  1. Use the newly installed ramp along the segment prior to Dashi Exit; or
  2. Leave Express66 through Pinjan 2 Exit and then use Route 113 ( Zhongfeng Rd. ) ; or alternatively, leave Express66 through Pinjan 3 Exit and then use Route 113A ( Fulong Rd.), and go back Freeway 3 using Longtan Entrance.
For the users using sidelane ( kuaisu Rd.) parallel to Expressway 66, please turn left to Hongzun Rd. or Xingchang Rd, connecting Route 112(Renhe Rd.) and 112-jia(Yongchang Rd.).

During the construction period, all vehicles should slow down and follow the instructions of the traffic sign or the traffic controller to ensure safe drive.


Date of Posting :2021-05-04
Source of Information:FEO,FB
Last Updated:2021-05-05
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