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Hsuehshan Tunnel Inner Lane slow vehicle warning system, starting from October 8th,2021

To remind the drivers who tend to drive under the minimum speed limit on National Freeway No. 5, Hsuehshan Tunnel, Freeway Bureau implemented “slow vehicle warning system” 3 sites at the northbound of Hsuehshan Tunnel Outer Lane from December 30th, 2020. Until August 31st, 2021, the system has warned around 63 thousand slow vehicles. The system will be installed at three more sites on October 8th,2021. The Changeable Message Sign (CMS) will display the part of license plate number of slow vehicles to remind drivers to speed up within the prescribed limit.

During weekends and holidays, the capacity of Hsuehshan Tunnel is often heavily loaded. Furthermore, since it is not permitted to change the lane in the tunnel, the traffic will be even more severely affected by slow vehicles.

If slow vehicles appear during peak hours, it will decrease the speed and the traffic flow significantly and thus result in the worse traffic jam. If slow vehicles appear during off-peak, it might also affect the whole speed. According to Freeway Bureau, the Hsuehshan Tunnel slow vehicle warning system has been put in use since December 30th, 2020, and was installed at the Outer Lane.

From October 8th , 2021, the system will be installed at three sites of the Inner Lane. In total, there are six detection points.

When the system detects any vehicle with a speed lower than 65 km/hr and headway between two cars is larger than 100 meters, the downstream CMS will display the part of license plate number of such vehicle to remind the driver to speed up.

Freeway Bureau emphasizes that the minimum speed for the Hsuehshan Tunnel is 70km/hr. Light vehicles or buses are required to maintain a safe distance of a minimum of 50 or 100 meters, and a distance of 20 meters in case of a traffic jam. In addition, the” slow vehicle warning system” will not be used for legal enforcement. But driver traveling below the minimum speed on non-congested Freeways will violate article 5 of “Freeway and Expressway Traffic Control Regulations”, and will be fined NT$3,000 to NT$6,000 under the “Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act”, Article 33 Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 1.

When driving on the freeway, the public must follow the speed limit. Furthermore, drivers should try speed up safely within the speed limit, and not to drive at a snail’s pace in a normal traffic flow.

Contact unit: Freeway Bureau, MOTC
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Date of Posting :2021-10-08
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