Service Guide(14 Service Areas)

Shiding Service Area

Shiding Service Area
Shihding Service Area

 ◎ Lobby
Located in the center of the main building, the lobby hosts an array of facilities, including a convenient store, dining area, and souvenir shop. The facility is air-conditioned and equipped with a full range of services, including drinking fountains, nursing rooms, service counter, travel information shelf, and computers to make traffic inquiries. It is an integrated facility providing travelers with a place for information and relaxation.

Located at the center and at either sides of the lobby, the center hosts a dining area serving fast food, noodles, Shenkeng hawker fair, Yunnan food, juices, and a range of ice products. On the left hand side is a souvenir shop, selling a range of popular feature products from different towns and countries, such as Shiding, Pinglin, and Yilan. On the right hand side is a convenience store, providing a full range of travel needs.
Vending Department
Vending Department

◎Parking lot
 The Service Area has a total of 119 parking spaces, 109 for cars (including two spaces for disabled parking lots and one for handicap buses) and 10 for tour buses, trucks, and trailers. All of the parking spaces, including the movement lines, are clearly marked to ensure smooth flow of traffic inside of the Parking lot.

Public Restroom
Public restroom are available at either sides of the dining area, including a total of 38 Public restroom - eight for men, 30 for ladies, and two handicap toilets. The washrooms are equipped with 36 urinals and 28 basins. All of the facilities are clearly marked to provide a convenient environment for the road users. In addition, tissue paper vending machines are also available at the entrance of each washroom, and all facilities are regularly maintained and kept in good condition.

The building is surrounded by a beautiful park, and is designed in a mixture of European and Japanese styles. The trees and grass are regularly trimmed to provide the road users a clean and pleasing environment for brief rests. This park has received numerous favorable comments.

◎ATM Machine
Located directly in front of the nursing room at the left side of the lobby, this ATM machine is operated by Taiwan Post Muzha Branch. For road users’ cash and transfer needs, the ATM machine is open 24 hours a day. In case of malfunction or irregular operation, please contact the service staff at the service counter or call (02)2939-2781 ext. 22 for help.
ATM Machine

◎Public Phones
A total of eight public phones are available at the two sides of the main building, including four for handicapped users. The service counter provides phone card and coin exchange services.
Public Phones

 ◎ Treasure Shell Exhibition Area 
The Shell and Coral Ocean Hall was opened on July 1, 2006 inside of the service area. It is an exhibition hall showcasing a wide variety of oceanic organisms and ecologies, including the Muricidae,
Cypraeidae, and Ranellidae. Exhibitions are updated on a regular basis and are open to the public.

 Treasure Shell Exhibition Area

◎Nursing Room
The nursing room is located at the left side of the lobby and opens to the road users who have nursing, baby care, and diaper change needs. Please inform the service counter and fill out a simple form (name and telephone number only) if you have such requirements. Free disposable diapers and simple wound care are also available at the service counter.
Nursing Room

◎Entertainment Facilities
An entertainment area is available in front of the service counter, which is provided for brief rests and children to play.
Entertainment Facilities

◎Water Fountain
A unique Japanese-style water fountain is located inside of the service area.
Water Fountain

◎Traffic Information Enquiry
Traffic information computer counters are available at the left side of the lobby, providing full view, section maps, neighboring road maps, route suggestions, traffic control incidents enquiry, section traffic information enquiry, and other services. 
Traffic Information Enquiry

◎Service Counter
Located at the right side of the lobby next to the water fountain, the service counter offers of a full range of services, including toll tickets phone cards, information, announcements, lost and found, coin exchange, taxis, and travel information. The counter is open from 7.00 – 22.00. The service counter also has an announcement system. Road users may request person-calling services, and the service counter also announces caution messages periodically.
In case of lost personal belongings, please call for inquiries and register at the counter. The service staffs in the station book all lost and found items and inform the owner to come for identification. Objects that unidentified are handed over to the freeway  police in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Service Counter

◎Audio/Video Services
TV walls are installed on either sides of the commercial area, broadcasting traffic safety promotional videos, regular television programs, and advertising services for the road users. The broadcasting hours are 7-23.
Audio/Video Services

◎Information Shelf 
The information shelf is located by the side of the service counter, offering free travel information pamphlets and relevant legal regulation promotional materials.
Information Shelf

◎Map of scenic roads 
This service is located on the right of the entrance which clearly marks in detail the location of the service area as well as its surrounding scenic spots.


◎Outdoor Seats 
Outdoor seats are available at the square outside of the lobby and in front of Chenshao Sausage. It is a great place for rest and relaxation.
Outdoor Seats

◎Product Discounts 
 Free gifts or discount vouchers are available from time to time
Product Discounts

◎Electronic Information Board 
It is located right above the service counter, providing instant traffic updates and traffic safety promotional messages.
Electronic Information Board

◎Freeway Information Kiosk 
 It is located at the right side of the lobby by the entrance. This area has postings of traffic safety related materials and safety promotions for the Syueshan tunnel. It is aimed to remind the road users the importance of travel safety. In addition, flags and large panels advertising traffic safety and Syueshan Tunnel safety guides are put up inside of the parking lot and at the exits. The information is also broadcast on the TV walls for maximum effect.
Freeway Information Kiosk

A Director Mailbox is located in front of the service counter. We treasure your opinions and show it by processing your messages as quick as possible. The General Affairs Office of the Bureau is also required to answer the road users within three days. A public satisfaction survey is also implemented monthly to collect relevant opinions. This information is an important reference for further improvements of the overall service.

Address:No.6, Sec. 1, Wenshan Rd., Shiding Dist., New Taipei City 223, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Number: 02-26634275
Fax: 02-26634371

Date of Posting :2008-01-15
Source of Information:Northern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2016-03-21