Service Guide(14 Service Areas)

Guanxi Service Area

The Service Area was opened on August 28, 1993. Located at National Freeway No. 3 S. 76.8 km, covering an area of 23 hectors inside of a small Hakka township - Guanxi, it is the largest service area in the northern region.
The lobby is located in the center of the main building, housing a large and a small commercial area. The facility is air-conditioned and equipped with drinking water fountains, nursery, a service counter, and travel information shelves to provide road users with a comfortable place for rests and dining.  
◎Convenience Store
The store area is located at the rear end of the lobby center. The left-hand side sells hot meals and the right-hand side houses a range of special products, including local feature products, snacks, beverages and ice deserts, 18℃ fresh food, travel magazines, living-ware, and local specialty products.
The other area is a place where Hakka people gather. The second floor contains a Hakka food and Hakka ground tea shop, a Hakka historical relic exhibition area, and an area with Hakka handicraft for sale so that passersby can stop and buy items and Hakka culture can be promoted. 
convenience store
◎Parking Lot
The service area is a total of 588 parking spaces, including three handicap spaces, 467 for cars, and 120 for buses, trucks, and trailers. All facilities are clearly marked for the best movement lines. To maximize utilization of the parking lot, cars parked for more than four hours will be reported to the highway police for legal actions.  
Parking lot
◎Public Restroom
 Public restrooms are available at either side next to the small and large commercial areas. There are a total of 178 toilets, including 36 toilets and 117 urinals in the men's washrooms, 142 toilets in the ladies washrooms, eight easy access toilets, and 88 wash basins. All facilities are clearly marked for easy identification, and free tissue paper is available in each washrooms.  All facilities are regularly maintained in good condition. 
Park is located at the right-hand side of the main building, which is designed as a Hakka theme garden, Hakka folk culture garden, and a culture square. To provide the road users a pleasing place for rests and relaxation, trees and grass in park are regularly trimmed and maintained in good condition. park has been receiving good comments over the years.  
◎Gas Station
The gas station is located at the right-hand side exit of the parking lot. In addition to a 24 hour gasoline service, the gas station also provides water, air, and tire pressure check services. There is also a toilet open to the public.

◎ATM Machines
Two ATM machines are installed at either sides of the drinking fountain to meet the road user’s cash and fund transfer needs. The ATM machines are open 24 hours a day. In case of malfunction or irregular operation, please contact the service counter for assistance.
◎Public Phones
There are a total of 6 public phones located outside the washrooms. Phone cards and coin exchange services are available at the service counter.

◎Art Gallery
The art gallery is located at the 2nd floor of the lobby. Exhibitions are constantly updated.

The nursery is located behind the service counter, providing services to road users with breast-feeding and diaper changing requirements. Please enquire at the service counter and fill out a simple form (name and phone number only) before using the facility. Free diapers, wheelchair loaning, and simple wound care services are available at the service counter.
◎Water Fountain
The uniquely designed water fountain is located outside of the main building. It is open to the public, and a viewing terrace and seats are available by the sides.
water fountain
◎Service Counter
The service counter is located at the entrance of the lobby. It provides a full range of services, including AED, phone cards, information, announcements, lost and found, coin exchange, photocopy, fax, e-mail, taxi, and travel information services. The service counter is opened from 7.00 to 23.00.Service Counter

Furthermore, the service counter has a bilingual broadcast system, where tourists can ask for an announcement to help them find someone, and to remind tourists to make sure they have their belongings and shut their car doors.
In case of lost personal belongings, please call to enquire and report to the service counter. All recovered objects are handed over to the service counter. The service staff announce all recoveries on the bulletin board and make the best attempt to notify the owner. Unclaimed objects are handed over to the highway police squad for further process. 
◎Easy Access Service
The service area provides a full range of easy access services, including three disabled parking lots, eight special toilets, two wheelchair ramps, and one service ringer. The service counter also provides a free wheelchair service. 
◎Information Shelf

◎Outdoor Dining Area
Outside of the lobby, an outdoor plaza is specially laid out to provide the road users a fine place for resting and dining 
◎Freeway Information Kiosk
An Internet connected multimedia information enquiry system is located behind the service counter. Information, including traffic enquiry, 1968 Freeway live report, and Q&A, are available through this information counter. 
◎Comments And Suggestions
A Director Mailbox is available at the service counter. It is provided as an open channel to receive opinions and comments from the public. The service area is instructed to redirect comments and suggestions to the right units at the first instance, and the Office of General Affairs is required to reply to road users within three days.
E-mail messages are centrally handled by the Office of General Affairs and promptly redirected to the most related unit. Cases that can be immediately rectified are handled and replied to the sender, and senders of cases that cannot be immediately improved are also replied with the most updated progress.

Address:No.14, Shangsantun, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County 306, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Date of Posting :2008-01-12
Source of Information:Northern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2017-12-14