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Rende Service Area

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1.The service area is commenced on October 1979.
2.Located at 335K+100 on the National Highway No. 1, Rende Service Area is the southmost service area on the Highway. On each side of the main track, the service area is divided into southbound and northbound areas connected by pedestrian overpass.Each area has its own information desk, tourist lounge, parking lots, public lavatories and gas stations.

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The retail area is currently run by the President Chain Store Corp.The contract expired on May 25, 2011.

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render service area

 service center 

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icon003Public Facilities

Southbound and northbound.Service hour from 7am to 10pm daily. Services include inquiry, broadcasting, assistance in emergency rescue, basic medical treatment, promotion of traffic safety and rules, traffic condition inquiry, lost and found, Xerox copy and facsimile.

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icon03Tourist lounge 
Southbound and northbound. There are Service Desk, 24 hrs convenience store, cafe, hot and cold snack bars, and restaurant serving meals.

convience store

icon03Public lavatories 
1.Total 4 restrooms southbound and northbound.There are 26 toilets and 108 urinals in Men's Room, 72 toilets in Women's Rooms, four rooms for handicapped people, two family restrooms, and two nurseries.The restrooms are monitored and cleaned 24 hours. 
2.Toilet seat cover paper, paper towels, toilet paper and soap are provided in the restrooms.
3.Diapers, tissues, cold and hot water are provided in the nurseries. 
4.Anti-camera detection procedure will be implemented from time to time in the Women's Restrooms. 
5.Large strobe lights and buzzers are installed outside each restroom.Two toilets share a LED light to indicate the location of the person in need for help.Once the tourist asks for help, field janitors can provide immediate help and, when necessary, notify head staff, duty personnel or highway patrol for assistance. 
6.Service and emergency numbers are posted at the entrance of each restroom to provide timely assistance.


icon03Parking lot  
1.13 parking spaces for buses are provided in southbound and northbound areas.There are 33 spaces for trucks and trailers and 2 for rehabuses.
2.There are totally 231 parking spaces for compact cars.

Parking lot

icon03Tourist information 
This area is equipped with two show maps, two computers for traffic condition inquiry, two indoor bulletin boards as well as two outdoor bulletin boards. render service area
icon03Gas Station  
1.One on each side of the service areas.Gas stations are run by CPC providing 24 hrs services.Contract expired on January 14, 2019.
2.There are 12 oil tanks in total, 10 oil pump stations, and 60 gas pumps.
icon03Public art  
Northbound: A Spacious World; Breeze over the Spring Water; Tender Moonlight
Southbound: Happy Trip, Tender Moonlight
“Rende Suite” is a piece of public art work composed by several sets of ceramic plates.Using vegetation grown in the south as the theme and decorated with clouds in the sky, this work boasts a multiple layers of quality with romantic colors.It is like a piece of music flowing out off the score, so easy and soothing that takes the tourists away from the anxious and noisy world.
rende suite

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icon003Contact Us

Location: National Freeway No. 1 335k+100 Northbound and Southbound
Telephone: 06-2782238 (Northbound), 2662241 (Southbound)
Address: No.1-16, Jhongjhou, Jhongjhou Village, Rende District, Tainan City 717, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Northbound), No. 15 (Southbound)
1.TWD67:(172509.560, 2534224.852)
2.TWD97:(173336.886, 2534017.456)
3.WGS84:(120.252691, 22.905536) 

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Date of Posting :2008-01-07
Source of Information:Southern Region Engineering Div.
Last Updated:2017-01-06