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Manual Toll Collection-OLD

Toll Collection Data

A. Toll Collection Changes

  1. In July 1974, the Taishan tollstation started collecting tolls for the Sanchung to Chongli section, which had opened to traffic.
  2. The toll collection method routed vehicles through non-gates and manually collected tolls; transactions were tabulated by computer.
  3. Freeway No. 1 and Freeway No. 3 have totally established 22 stations.
  4. Initially, the toll amounts for small vehicles/large trucks/busses and tractor-trailer trucks were NT$15/20/30. By August 1981, they were raised to NT$25/30/40. In September 1991, they were again raised to NT$40/50/65.
  5. The Xizhi tollstation, starting in January 1998, exempted southbound traffic from toll collection.
  6. In October 2000, the northbound lanes of the Qidu tollstation started toll collection .
  7. Freeway No. 5’s Toucheng tollstation started toll collection the midnight of September 18, 2006.

B. Toll Collection Operational Efficiency
(A)By September 1996, special lanes for small vehicle toll ticket booklets were opened, raising the efficiency of toll collection, in the following ways:

  1. Reduced time for toll collection service
    (1) Special lanes for small vehicles ticket booklets: 900-1,050 vehicles per hour. (Average time for toll collection dropped from 3.79 seconds to 3.4 seconds).
    (2) Small vehicle lanes: 615 vehicles per hour.
    (3) Large vehicle lane: 480-517 vehicles per hour.
  2. Increased use of toll ticket booklets 
    In 2011, usage among small vehicles was 49.7%; among large trucks and busses, 18.5% and tractor-trailer trucks, 8.0% .
  3. Establishment of more toll ticket booklet outlets
    Besides the tollstations toll ticket booklets , are now sold at more than 3,000 outlets including post offices and government-run or privately run gas stations.

(B)The lane-based ETC service that reduced the service time operated in 2006. The service results described as follows:

  1. small vehicle lane:1,200~1,600 vehicles/per hour per lane
  2. Big vehicle lane:500~600 vehicles/per hour per lane

C. Tollstation Etiquette
         1. Tollstation collectors should nod politely, smile or say “thank you” after collecting a toll.
         2. Based on the results of A Survey of Public Satisfaction with the Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications conducted by the Statistics Department, of the same ministry, satisfaction levels of expressway users have exceeded 90 percent regarding tollstation service. This bureau will continue to raise the quality of toll collection services.

D. Tollstation Service
         1. Tollstations sell toll ticket booklets, give small change, accept third-party payment of transportation fees, accept late payments of fees, solve other problems and provide assistance in the event of a car breakdown.
         2. Freeway users' excess payment for toll ticket booklets or toll fees shall be returned.

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