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Duties of the Secretary’s Office

Duties of the Secretary’s Office

I、First Section
 1.Compilation of annual administration and control plans and year-end evaluations of operations. 
 2.Delegation of jobs and responsibilities.
 3.Document auditing and followup, research and development and project progress control and evaluation.
 4.Public relations-related affairs and visitor reception.
 5.Organization and safekeeping of publications and news archives.
 6.Press releases, coordination and contact.
 7.Production of annual reports and Bureau presentations as well as management of graphic information.
 8.Other delegated affairs. 

II、Second Section
 1.Manage Bureau seals.
 2.Document and correspondence management. 
 3.Official document stamping and proofreading. 
 4.File management.
 5.Keeping records of meetings.
 6.Other delegated affairs.

III、Third Section 
 1.Procurement and management of public assets including machinery and facilities, traffic and transportation facilities, miscellaneous facilities and general office equipment. 
 2.Repair, maintenance and management of public buildings, dormitories and related facilities.
 3.Management of drivers, technicians, general workers and security guards.
 4.Management, rental, maintenance and fuel management for office vehicles. 
 5.Coordination of civil defense and operations involving public welfare. 
 6.Maintenance of environmental health. 
 7.Event site decoration and management and photography. 
 8.Affairs related to sales and loans regarding central government housing. 
 9.Labor insurance and related affairs. 
 10.Other delegated affairs.

IIII、Forth Section 
 1.Completion of cashier and bank account balances, book entries, audits and forms. 
 2.Custody of receipts and payments as well as securities, bid bonds and guarantee deposits.
 3.Affairs related to bank remittances, fund transfers, government worker/labor insurance, reserves for departures of contract workers, property mortgages, retirement pensions, public worker savings and payment of emergency loans. 
 4.Disbursement of employee salaries/wages, year-end bonuses and performance bonuses
 5.Filing of withholding tax certificates.
 6.Other delegated affairs.

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