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Personnel Office-OLD

Responsibilities of Personnel Office

I. First Section:

1. Research and planning for publications, business rules, budgets and staffing levels of the National Freeway Bureau and its subordinate units. 

2. Research and planning regarding regulations on human resources. 

3. Proposals on the establishment of human resources organizations and matters related to management of human resources staff. 

4. Documented proposals regarding appointment and dismissal, transfers, changes, reviews and remuneration. 

5. Documented proposals regarding distribution of examinations. 

6. Documented proposals regarding examinations for promotion in rank and review of promotions. 

7. Research and planning regarding plans for public service human resources and standards for staffing levels. 

8. Approval of service certificates and certifications. 

9. Documented proposals regarding mobilizations and postponements. 

10. Establishment and management of information on human resources. 

11. Other related matters.

II. Second section:

1. Proposals regarding business travel, leave and performance of management and public service staff and regular evaluations. 

2. Documented proposals regarding evaluations, rewards and penalties. 

3. Matters regarding compilation of documents for public service staff citations and awards.

4. Documented proposals regarding training, advanced study and travel overseas. 

5. Proposals regarding scheduling of working days and fees. 

6. Documented proposals regarding compensation. 

7. Documented proposals for awards and monetary assistance in the form of subsidies and compensations. 

8. Plans for leisure activities and benefits. 

9. Documented proposals regarding insurance for government employees and national health insurance. 

10. Documented proposals related to retirement, severance and pensions. 

11. Matters related to performance awards. 

12. Other relegated matters.

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