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The changes in Taiwan’s freeway toll collection methods

National Freeways in Taiwan are toll ways. The first toll station was built in Taishan on National Freeway 1 with manual toll-collecting in July 1974. Until 2013, there are 8 freeways in Taiwan, with a total length of 1050.6 km. There are 23 flat-rate toll stations on these freeways and the average distance between 2 toll stations is 35 km. And there are around 5 ~ 11 toll gates in each direction of the toll stations.
With the advancement of technology over the years, Exact Change Toll Gate was launched in February 1983 and the Toll Tickets Only Gate in December 1996. In February 2005, ETC gate at toll station was launched.
And on December 30, 2013 the old flat-rate manual/electronic hybrid toll stations were replaced by the distance-based pay-as-you-go all electronic toll collection on all of Taiwan’s major freeways.

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