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Migration Process-OLD

Migration from pay-at-toll station to distance-based electronic toll collection by two steps

To freeway users in Taiwan, it is a new experience to change from flat-rate toll station to distance-based toll collection and also from manually collecting to electronically. Both changes would bring impact to freeway users as they need to adjust from the previous routine. In order to help freeway users accustomed to the new system, Taiwan created a two-step transition. First, transform part of flat-rate toll gates at toll stations on major freeways to electronic toll collection to acquaint freeway users with electronic toll collecting system. The second step would cease all manual toll collection and adopt distance-based electronic system to reduce impact of this transition and help freeway users accustomed to the new toll collecting system.

 2 Phases of Migration

Date of Posting :2015-04-27
Source of Information:Toll & Service Division
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