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National Highway No. 3, addition of Nantou Interchange project planning and design of technical services

National Highway No. 3, addition of Nantou Interchange project planning and design of technical services

 Plan Origin:

  National Highway No. 3 (Formosa Freeway) in Nantou areas pass through the Caotun Township, Nantou City, Mingjian Township, and Chushan Township which includes four interchanges (Note: Caotun Interchange, Nantou Interchange, Mingjian Interchange and Chushan Interchange, etc.) and one system interchange (Jhongsin System Interchange, National Highway No. 3 / Provincial Highway No. 76 ).
    The distance between the Nantou Interchange and Mingjian Interchange to Nantou district is up to 7 kilometers, where connected by Provincial Highway No. 3. The peak hour level of service of Provincial Highway No. 3 was dropped to the rank of E due to the Nangang Industrial Park heavy traffic volume. I addition, the expanding of Provincial Highway No. 3 is not available constrained by the urban planning. The low accessibility from Nantou to the National Highway No. 3, affecting the overall development of the region.  

The local people have repeatedly asked the government to build convenient transport system in order to enhance transportation service quality. Therefore, the Nantou County Government made requirements based on local public opinion, an additional interchange, a more direct transport services, and promote the overall development of Nantou area.

          Nantou County government follow the addition interchange examining process of Highway Bureau and perform the feasibility studies of the this project which was proved by the Ministry of Communications in 2009 years which agreed in principle to the in continuing to do planning and design work.


2. Plan Objectives: 

(1) To comply of the local demand, and build a complete Road network system to enhance transportation function. Improve the accessibility between Nantou area and National Highway No. 3. 

(2) To improve the peak time traffic condition of the Nantou Interchange which was created by provincial road or access road of the traffic Confusion phenomenon.

Enhances the transportation condition, comply with the new bridge project which will effectively connected Nantou, and Tsaotun, to boost the overall socio-economic development.


3. Plan Content:


(1) Additional separate diamond-type interchange, the north ramp connected to the new east-west access road; the south ramp link with the Zuci road.

(2) North and South ramps will be connected by the new service road which will built by Nantou County.

(3) In addition to part of the ramp widening due to operational requirements, the ramp is configured to 4.5 meters bicycle paths. The full width of embankments is 9.5 meters. The width of the bridge deck is 8.6 meters.


4. The total construction funds are approximately 955 million NT.


5. Project Schedule: 

The duration of this project is about 39 months, including 12 months of land acquisition, engineering contracting 3 months, and the construction of 24 months.

6. The anticipated benefits

This project in the discount rate of 6%, inflation rate of 2.0% of the situations, the net present value of 899.87 million, benefit ratio of 1.58, internal rate of return of 9.86%. Display of this project economically viable.

7. The project condition


(A) 98.10.22 completes the negotiation and signing.

(B) 98.11.03 delivery technique proposal, scheduled to work schedules.

(C) 98.11.27 delivery technique proposal (revised edition).

(D) 98.12.21 delivery the draft final report of planning stage.

(E) 99.01.08 the examine meeting of the draft final report of planning stage.


Date of Posting :2010-02-12
Source of Information:Planning Division
Last Updated:2010-03-05