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Construction Project

National Highway No. 3, addition of Nantou Interchange project planning and design of technical services

National Highway No.1, addition of Minsyong Interchange project

1. Project Origin:

Minsyong Township in Chiayi County is located between Dalin Interchange (250K+300) and Chiayi Interchange (264K+249)of National Freeway No. 1 at a 13.949- KM distance. The locals continuously advocate an additional interchange in Minsyong. Therefore, the feasibility study of this case researched by Chiayi County Government had been approved by the Ministry of Transport on January 9th, 2008.

2. Project Objectives

(1) To provide Minsyong Township and its neighborhood with convenient transportation service in order to match up the social and economic development in Chiayi area.
(2) To strengthen transporting function between National Freeway No. 1 and Chiayi County traffic network, builds the whole regional network of transportation, and promotes balanced development of the whole Chiayi Life Cycle

3. Project Content

A diamond-type interchange located on the crossing of National Freeway No. 1 (257K+193) and the route extending from County Route 164

4. Project Expense

The total expense is approximately NT$512 million (National Highway funds NT$454 million, and Chiayi County Government funds NT$58 million)

5. Project Schedule

The completed time of the construction is estimated in December, 2010.

6. Project Anticipate Benefit

This project in the discount rate of 6%, and inflation rate of 2% of the situations, will achieve the net present value of 237 million, benefit-cost ratio of 1.89, internal rate of return of 11.94%. All display this project economically viable.

Date of Posting :2010-03-05
Source of Information:Planning Division
Last Updated:2010-03-05