APEC TPT-WG44 Technical Tour-Intelligent Transportation - Electronic Toll Collection System


    「Freeway1968」App mainly provide real-time traffic information for reference. The currently running version add Map Mode(Google Maps), Tracking Mode(the event information in front of your location), travel time comparison of Alternative route to freeway and display your dynamic positioning on alternative route (Map Mode) etc.. Described as follows:
(一) Map Mode:Provide Google Maps and traffic information, and located the CCTV, CMS and incident information on the map.
(二) Tracking Mode:When user enable GPS and get in Tracking Mode, 1968App will actively inform the front event in a voice mode.
(三) Travel time comparison of Alternative route to freeway:User could know the current travel time for alternative route and freeway in this area. It is easy to user to make decision to go on alternative route or not. In Tracking Mode, when driver go to the turning point on alternative route, the alternative route button will reveal and reveal the travel time window after pressing the button. Go ahead to press the alternative route, it will reveal sketch map mode and map mode(google maps).
(四) dynamic positioning on alternative route:In map mode, we marked the alternative route on Google Maps. When driver is on the route, it will display driver’s position dynamically. This function could reduce the strangeness to driver. 

                                         Figure3 「Freeway1968」App alternative route information 

    We provide prediction of travel tim and congested road sections in the period that may be easily congested before vocation in order to suggest drivers to have these information beforehand to avoid daily congestion and sections. Drivers could reroute by referring to the nine alternative routes of easily congested sections on freeway. Drivers also could have real time information through 1968App, CMS and broadcast on the road.

Date of Posting :2017-04-06
Source of Information:Traffic Management Division
Last Updated:2018-05-16