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  Director's Mailbox  
  Please feel free to write to the Director's Mailbox to voice your comments or suggestions on freeway-related matters. Upon receiving your message, we will immediately send your valuable comments or suggestions to the responsible authorities for further processing. We will reply to you within 7 days. We sincerely welcome you to use this Mailbox, as your comments and suggestions are important references for our future policy making.  
I.  Message processing procedure  
1. After sending your message, you should receive an "Activation Notification" email with an electronic signature of the Bureau within 5 minutes. Please click on the "Confirm Activation" button to confirm that your email address can receive mails normally and to avoid identity theft. At this point, processing of your message will be immediately initiated for further reply.
2. If you do not receive the "Activation Notification" within 5 minutes, please click on "Enter Director's Mailbox" below → click on the "Message Number Query" button and enter your Real Name and E-mail Address to obtain your Message Number. Then go back to the "Director's Mailbox" webpage → "Enter Director's Mailbox" → click on the "Message Processing Progress Inquiry and Activation" button, and enter your Message Number and E-mail Address, then click "Activate Now". At this point, processing of your message will be immediately initiated for further reply.
3. Due to the security polices of Yahoo and other email providers, notification letters (e.g., Activation Notification, Message Received Notification, and Reply Notification) from the Bureau are sometimes classified as spam. If you fail to receive a notification, kindly check your Spam Inbox, and refer to the following setting instructions to put our email address on the whitelist or use other email addresses instead.
II. Notes on case reporting
  The reporting of freeway violation and illegal acts or filing complaints regarding violation tickets fall under the jurisdiction of the police. Kindly click on the button below: "Report to the National Highway Police Bureau about freeway violations and illegal acts or regarding complaints about violation tickets" and report such incidence on its website to facilitate case processing.
III. Cases that will not be processed
1. In accordance with provisions in Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Act, reported cases may be left unattended to:
  (1) where the case reported gives no concrete substance or does not give true name or address;
  (2) where the case reported is a repeat or further repeat of the same matter which has been appropriately dealt with and clearly answered; or
  (3) where the authority receiving the petition is not competent to deal with the subject matter and the petitioner is found to have filed similar petitions to different authorities regarding the same matter.
2. Fill in all the fields accurately and completely, otherwise the Bureau may refuse to process the case.
  Confirm to enter Director's Mailbox      The prosecution about freeway violations and illegal acts, or complaint about traffic tickets (New Window)