Organizational System

History and Responsibilities

This Bureau was established on June 8, 1970 and called Freeway Engineering Bureau, which was in charge of the freeway construction.  On October 31, 1978, the construction of No.1 Sun Yat-sen Freeway was completed with the entire line opened for traffic accordingly.  After the completion of said project, this Bureau was renamed as Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB) on Dec/01/1978 for handling the following items:

  1. Maintenance and expansion of the freeway.
  2. Traffic management and safety maintenance of the freeway.
  3. Levying project beneficial charge on vehicles traveling on the freeway.
  4. Roadside facilities operation and management along the freeway.
  5. Environment arrangement and maintenance along the freeway.
  6. Preparation, preservation and implementation of land, houses and other assets as well as property treatment for the freeway.
  7. Research and development of the freeway and other relevant matters.

Organizational Chart

 Organizational Chart

  1. National Freeway Bureau set one Director-General to administer bureau-affairs , and set one Deputy-Director-General、one Chief-Engineer、&.one Chief-secretary to assist it.
  2. The bureau set five divisions (Traffic Management ,Technical ,Land ,Toll &.Service ,and Construction Division ) ,and four offices(Civil Service Ethics , Accounting , Personnel, and Secretary office )。
  3. The bureau set three Engineer offices (Northern ,Central ,and Southern Region) for maintenance and management。Also set Widening-construction-office for new construction jobs. They all set one Director of Engineer office to administer。
  4. Electronic Metered Toll System on National Freeways was launched on December30,2013. All toll stations business are currently under the supervision of Engineering Office,TANFB. 







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