Bureau Director's Mail Box

  Director's Mailbox  
  We welcome you to write to the "Director's Mailbox" to provide your opinions or suggestions to the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, MOTC. On receiving your letter, we shall immediately pass on valuable information to the responsible business units for their careful handling, and reply to you within 14 days. We sincerely welcome you to make good use of this mailbox, and shall refer to your feedback when we establish relevant policies in future.  
A.  Handling Principles 
1. In accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Act, the petition shall be left unattended if the petition gives no concrete substance or does not give true name or address.
2. Please fill in all the columns accurately and completely, otherwise the Bureau may refuse to handle the case.
B. Mail Handling Procedures
  After you have sent the petition letter, you will receive a confirmation letter issued by the Bureau to verify the e-mail address provided by you. We would remind you to write down the online document registration number prompted when you finish the online message writing. This will enable you to check from the website, at any convenient time, the progress of the case and our response to you. Please note: if your e-mail address is registered with Yahoo, Hotmail, or PC home, who provide free-mail boxes, the notification letters from us may be misclassified as sales letters. If you do not receive the confirmation from us, therefore, please try to locate them in the junk mail box and reset the message as a safe mail to avoid missing any e-mails.
C. Important Notes to Activate the Petition Letters:
You may click the "Director's Mail Box" and access to "Check the Progress" to check the progress in handling the case, in the meantime activate the letter. If the status is "not yet activated/confirmed", please click the "Activate" button. We shall process the case and reply to you within the shortest working days possible
D. The prosecution about freeway violations and illegal acts, and complaint about traffic tickets belong to National Highway Police Bureau's responsibility, please approach the bureau directly (The director's mail address: hpb01403@hpb.gov.tw).
  Confirm to enter Director's Mailbox      The prosecution about freeway violations and illegal acts, or complaint about traffic tickets