Road Closure Information

Vehicles into Longtan Truck Scales Zone On Freeway No.3, between sta.70k+300~sta.73k+900, traffic control

First Engineering Office announce – To secure our Gaoyuan Interchange construction project and the safety of the vehicles simultaneously, all straight-through vehicles limited remaining on the main lanes of the freeway except that the weighing trucks go through the truck scales area. The limiting management scheduled from the 10th of September, 2019 through the end of May, 2021 approximately.

The truck lane’s following alignment includes, the lane width narrow to 3.75m, and the truck speed slowdown to 30kph. We strongly suggest please obey all temporary traffic control signs around the work zones.
Thank you for your cooperation again and the First Engineering Office appreciates for all road users’ cooperation.
We are there to work out the integrated service for you.

Date of Posting :2019-09-06
Source of Information:FEO,FB
Last Updated:2019-09-06