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National Highway No. 1, addition of Touwu Interchange project

National Highway No. 1, addition of Touwu Interchange project

1. Project Origin

After Directorate General of Highways,M.O.T.C. had done researches about the efficacy of transportation transfer between National Freeways and Express Highways, the feasibility studies of connection between National Highway No. 1,3 and Express Highway No. 66, 68,and 72 were undertook. Next, Directorate General of Highways, M. O. T. C. suggests the connection between National Highway No. 1 and Express Highway No. 72 by doing a project of an interchange located in the crossing of National Highway 1 and Province Highway 13. Later, the feasibility study of this project undertook by Miaoli County Government had been approved by the Ministry of Transport. At this moment, the engineering planning and designs have been hold by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau.

2. Project Objectives
(1) To connect National Highway 1 and Express Highway 72, and offer a transfer network between them.
(2) To provide Miaoli County with convenient transportation service in order to match up the local demand, and the social and economic development in Miaoli County.

3. Project Content
The location of Touwu interchange is on the crossing of of National Freeway No. 1 (125K+800) and Province Highway No. 13. The decision of type of Touwu Interchange examined by Miaoli County Government, and Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau would be approved by the Ministry of Transport during the engineering planning and design period.

4. Project Expense
The total expense is approximately NT$790 million.

5. Project Schedule
The completed time of the construction is estimated in December, 2012.

6. Project Anticipate Benefit
Depend on the final result of the engineering planning and design.



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