Commissioned Research Project

Commissioned Research Projects

2005, commissioned Sinotech Engineering Consultants Corp. to draft the "Public Road Related Facility Landscape Design Guideline (draft)"
2004, commissioned the Taiwan Construction Research Institute to conduct the "Freeway Bridge Lifespan Prolonging Assessment and Case Studies Research Project"
2003, commissioned the Chinese Institute of Landscape Architects in Taiwan to draft the "Handbook for Landscaped Roads Related Facility Design and Implementation"
2003, commissioned the China Engineering Consultants Inc. to conduct the "Public Road Steel Structure Bridges Inspection and Reinforcement Guideline Research Project"
2002, commissioned the Department of Architecture, Péng Jiǎ  University to conduct the "Feasibility Assessment for Diversified Utilization of the Metropolitan Greeneries neighboring Freeways"
1999, commissioned the Graduate School of Architecture and City Planning, Péng Jiǎ University to conduct the "Road Related Facility Landscape Design Principles Research Project"
1995, commissioned the Landscape Society R.O.C to conduct the "National Freeway No. 1 Plant Ecology Assessment and Potential Research"

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