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eTag Transfer all you need is just a phone call: 02-7716-1998

The new vehicle owner who has done ownership transfer of the vehicle and in-vehicle eTag already installed, may activate the eTag service with just a phone call: 02-7716-1998, and enjoy 10% discount on payment of the full stored value. In addition, the former owners can complete the eTag termination and request account balance refund with just one phone call, which is time-saving and convenient.
The highway supervision agencies have been set up a hotline. After the car ownership has been transferred, the new owner can dial the hotline to deal with the eTag reactivation. On average, there are about 5,000 people every month using this service.
The owner of vehicle that eTag was already installed is suggested to pay up unpaid freeway toll fees before selling the vehicle, then you may also call hotline at the highway supervision agencies or FETC customer service hotline to suspend accounts and receives refund back or transfers the remaining balance to another eTag account.
The eTag users can apply for automatic bank deposits and enjoy a 10% discount on the payment of full stored value. This is the most convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly payment method. In additional, the Freeway Bureau urge vehicle owner to pay freeway toll fees on time to avoid the expenses of the processing fees, overdue fine, and other penalties.

Contact unit:
FETC call center: 02-7716-1998
Freeway Bureau, MOTC
Contact number: Feng-Liang Liu 02-2909-6141#2401
Contact number: Xin-Chu Cheng 02-2909-6141#2431

Date of Posting :2021-04-14
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