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The freeway traffic control measures adjustment during the Dragon Boat Festival

Due to the announcement of COVID-19 level 3 alert in effect for the whole island of Taiwan until 6/28, the Freeway Bureau estimated that the traffic volume will decrease during the Dragon Boat Festival. Therefore, the Freeway Bureau canceled the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) control, entrance ramp closure, 00:00-05:00 all tolls suspended, additional 20% off on Freeway NO.3 from Hsinchu System Interchange to Yanchao System Interchange, and use of freeway shoulder for travel. Measures will only be implemented are flat rate (no exemption for first 20 km), and ramp metering control at the entry on long weekends.

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is in the period of the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, the Freeway Bureau urges the public to reduce unnecessary outdoor activities and wear masks at any time and wash hands frequently.

Contact person: (For inquiries about the content of traffic control measures, please dial 24-hours free customer service hotline 1968)
Ming-June CHO, Division Chief, Traffic Management Division, Freeway Bureau (02) 2909-6141
Ming-Jer TSAI, Section Chief, Traffic Management Division, Freeway Bureau (02) 2909-6141 ext. 2331

Date of Posting :2021-06-18
Source of Information:Traffic Management Division
Last Updated:2021-06-18
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