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Please confirm the registered address of the vehicle is consistent with the actual residence or business place.

There are often ETC user who do not receive ETC tolls bill because they do not live at the household registered address, resulting in dunning or even overdue fines. What should they do?

Since the ETC toll bill is an administrative document, according to general administrative practice, the bill will be sent to the household registration address; if you do not live at the household registration address, don’t forget to add the address of residence in the highway supervision agencies, and the bill will be sent to the address of residence first!

In the case of a company vehicle, the bill will be sent to the business office address. If the business office address changes, remember to go to the highway supervision agencies to register for the change of address!
Or you can apply for an electronic toll bill, and you can receive the bill by e-mail at any time in the future. Moreover, personal privacy is also be protected, it is very convenient to check the billing details and pay bills at any time. You can apply for change payment notification by email through FETC retail store, FETC customer service hotline (02-7716-1998), FETC official website, ETC App and other channels. Welcome to take advantage of it.
If you have any questions about FETC, you can contact FETC Customer Service Center at 02-7716-1998, dedicated line customer service (ID: @etcservice), providing 24-hour service throughout the year.

Contact unit: Freeway Bureau, MOTC
Contact number: Feng-Liang Liu 02-2909-6141#2401
Contact number: Xin-Chu Cheng 02-2909-6141#2431

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