Transportation Management

National Freeway No. 5, Hsuehshan(Xueshan) Tunnel-Promotions


Since 2003, the Ministry of Transportations and Communications have initiated a number of promotional campaigns to deliver the information via banners, inserts, broadcasting, freeway drivers’ manual, news releases and other means.

1. Inserts 
(1) Introduction
(2) National Freeway No. 5 and Hsuehshan(Xueshan) Tunnel: Geographic Locations and Alternative Routes
(3) Illustration of Tunnel Facilities
(4) Hsuehshan(Xueshan) Tunnel: Driving Safety Highlights
(5) Emergency

2. Banners
(1) Contents of banners 
(2) Hangings
3. Posters 
4. Others
 (1) There will be an all FM-channel broadcasting system set up in Hsuehshan(Xueshan) Tunnel. Control Center will broadcast the promo tapes through the system. As soon as drivers turn to any FM channel on their radios, they will be listening to the promo information played by Control Center. In the future, efforts will be made to encourage road users to listen to FM channels. 

Date of Posting :2007-12-06
Source of Information:Traffic Management Division
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