Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Transportation Management Measures

    Over the past decades, freeways have contributed to Taiwan’s economic growth. Since the first freeway was completed, traffic volume has been increasing, particularly in populous cities and rapidly growing towns. Traffic Over the past decades, freeways have contributed to Taiwan’s economic growth. Since the first freeway was completed, traffic volume has been increasing, particularly in populous cities and rapidly growing towns. Traffic demands exceed available freeway capacity, and this often leads to congestion particularly during peak hours. To solve such problems and maintain our service quality, several traffic management measures are taken.
    For example, “entrance ramp metering control” can regulate vehicles coming onto freeway by time interval control to maintain an acceptable traffic flow. And “opening of road shoulders” to light vehicle in frequently jammed sections during rush hours is designed to increase freeway capacity expediently. However, if this measure still can’t alleviate traffic jam, “setting up an auxiliary lane” by adjusting existing lanes will be another solution. Meanwhile, “substitute routes” will be advised for drivers to take a parallel highway or expressway.
    In addition, during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday when traffic volume is extremely heavy, other special measures are taken, such as suspending toll collection, high occupancy vehicle control, entrance ramp closure, etc. Advice of substitute routes and separate driving route depending on destination will also be given. With the capacity limitation that can’t be increased in the short term, these measures help ease traffic congestion.

Setting up an auxiliary lane

 Opening of road shoulders

Traffic Control

    To help users drive safely, offer traffic information service, enhance capability of handling emergencies, upgrade management efficiency, and alleviate traffic congestion, we set up a traffic surveillance and control system which can monitor traffic situations and provide traffic information at all times. And we have introduced intelligent transportation system (ITS) to integrate technologies of information, telecommunication, electronics, control and management, thus rendering comprehensive and efficient service to freeway users.

Traffic Cntrol Syatem

    Our traffic control center operates day and night and is a commanding center for traffic management. First, various traffic conditions collected from traffic data collection system are transmitted here; then our central computer and staffs will, after analyzing incoming information, adopt the most appropriate strategies--such as reregulation of vehicle speed, opening of road shoulders, or entrance ramp metering control, and broadcast to freeway users and related agencies by information display system. If an emergency occurs, the center will contact related agencies and guide and assist users in time.
    In the future, we will set up “Traffic Information Management, Coordination and Command Center” (TIMCCC) which, based on the idea of “managing by region, centralizing of information”, can integrate our four regional traffic control centers to handle traffic information in the freeway network and the 12 east-west expressways. And traffic information regarding local highways will also be included; then users will get the overall and real-time traffic information.
    With these advanced facilities and intelligent management measures, we provide complete traffic information. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can easily gain access to our real-time information service. In the future, our traffic control system will integrate the ETC and related traffic technologies to enable the intelligent transportation system to not only alleviate traffic bottleneck but also achieve the goal of saving energy, reducing CO2, and “green transportation”.



Traffic Safety

    It is our duty to help freeway users clearly understand the functions of various facilities and the correct way of safe driving.
    First and foremost, we make traffic signs and markings simple and clear so that users can get clear guidance and drive in a safe environment. Besides, to maintaining traffic order, we also use various channels to help people cultivate correct knowledge and good habits of using freeways.
    For example, our staffs in control center will put the newest traffic messages on changeable message signs along freeway, and will release related information through internet, navigation system, telephone and radio broadcast. Paper publications on specific subjects will also be available for interested people. Our official
website provides complete information of this Bureau’s past, present and future development. Whenever there are important policies or temporary measures, we will make known to the public through various channels.
    Indeed, we have spared no efforts in promoting traffic safety. More importantly, we need the cooperation of every freeway user in abiding by traffic rules to ensure safe journey for all people at all times.

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