Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Freeway Bureau World Wide Web

Privacy Policy
To the pursuit of personal privacy protection, the  Freeway Bureau, MOTC (FB) executes the official duties in accordance with the principle of minimizing personal data collection and retention. The objective of the FB's personal data protection is "To respect personal privacy, To process and use personal data lawfully; To enhance privacy protection and to ensure the official duties are executed." With a view to establishing a confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data to collect, process and utilize the safe environment and reach personal data protection goals. The FB personal data protection policy is stated below:
1. The FB collects, processes and uses personal data relevant and limited to its official duties according to the Personal Data Protection Act.
2. Provide a clear message to the parties, the duration and scope of collection, process and use of personal data.
3. Process relevant and appropriate personal data.
4. Establish personal data file list and designate the responsible person to keep the custody.
5. Maintain the correctness of personal data and correct or supplement it where necessary.
6. Ensure the parties having the right to exercise their personal data in accordance with the law.
7. Strengthen personal data, personnel, equipment management, communication and information safeguard to protect personal data.
8. Ensure personal data protection by the implementation of personal data protection management system.
9. Supervises the entrusted organizations when personal data collection, processing, using and transmitting is entrusted.
10. Ensure its appropriateness and legitimacy of exceptional collection, processes and using of personal data permitted by the Personal Data Protection Act.

Declaration on Privacy Right Protection
Thank you for visiting and using the website of the FB. The FB respects and protects the your personal data and privacy in accordance with the law. In order to help you understand how the website collects, processes, utilizes and protects the personal data you provide, the FB establishes the declaration of privacy protection. Please read the privacy right protection statement of this website before using this website. When you use the services in this website, you have read and agree to the privacy right protection statement of this website.

The scope of application of the right of privacy protection
The following disclaimer applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in the use of this website and the services provided by it except the websites hyperlinked to the functions of this website.
Where the website through this website, the site has its own exclusive privacy policy or declaration. The FB website does not bear any joint and several liability. When you link these sites, the protection of personal data is applied to the privacy policy or privacy declaration of the sites.

The type of personal data collected, the purpose of the collection and the manner in which it was used
The FB website does not collect any personally identifiable information when you browse the website or download files from the website.
When you send message through the director’s mailbox, registered as a newsletter subscription members and other services of this site, you will be requested to provide your name, personal ID, phone number, e-mail address, post mail address and household address and other personal information. The personal information you provide is for the purpose of performing legal duties or process your personal service request. This website may automatically collect additional data for the management of this website only. The data this website automatically collects may include the IP address of the user's machine, the time of the Internet and the browsing and clicking on the website records and other information. The purpose of collection your browsing records is to assess the website performance and improve the website service quality.

The preservation of personal data
The personal data collected on this website is subject to encryption or protection mechanisms to ensure that the data transmission process is not illegally captured by third parties.

Personal information sharing and disclosing
The FB is under an obligation to protect your personal data and privacy without your consent to provide all or part of your personal information to any other groups, individuals or private companies. Except in the followings:
1. Access through legal procedures by the Judicial inspection departments, R.O.C.
2. To cooperate with the relevant authorities to investigate or use based on their duties.
3. Based on goodwill believe that the disclosure for the legal needs, or for the maintenance and improvement of web services for management.
4. Based on the initiative to derive the effectiveness of government website services.
5. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users of this website.

Use of personal data during the period
This website only uses your personal information in the territory of the Republic of China. The personal data you enter on this website will be kept permanently based on the foregoing collection.

How to exercise the right of personal data
When you use this website and the services it provides, you may request, access, correct and supplement your personal data. You may request the FB to access, correct, supplement your personal data by contacting us through the contact channel in the privacy protection advice. This website will stop the collection, processing or use of personal data in place of the deletion of personal information:
1. There is a law.
2. The term of the contract is agreed upon.
3. There is reason to state that the removal will infringe the interests of the parties.

Privacy protection advice
If you have any questions regarding the privacy protection of this website or the right to exercise your personal data, please contact the FB through the director mailbox in this website to contact us. The FB will contact you in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

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