Freeway facilities (interchanges, service areas)

Freeway No. 3 – Formosa Freeway (Keelung – Linbian)

Distances of facilities (interchanges,service areas) from starting points of freeways
Freeway No. 3 – Formosa Freeway (Keelung – Linbian)
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Name of facility Mileage Serving/connecting Southbound exit to Northbound exit to Others

Jijin Interchange

0 Wanli, Keelung, Keelung Harbor ------ Keelung, Wanli  

Madong System Interchange

2 Provincial Highway 62 (Wanli – Ruibin) Dapu, Ruifang(Rueifang) Dapu, Ruifang(Rueifang)  

Xizhi System Interchange

10 Freeway No. 1 Xizhi, Neihu Wudu, Neihu

Northbound exit only to Wudu and its north, not to Xizhi

Xintai 5th Road Interchange

12 Xizhi, Nangang Xizhi, Nangang Xizhi, Nangang  

Nangang Interchange

14 Nangang, Huandong Blvd Nangang Nangang


Nangang System Interchange

16 Freeway No. 5 Shiding Shiding  

Nanshen Road Interchange

16 Nangang, Shenkeng ------ Nanshen Road

Northbound traffic only

Muzha Interchange

20 Freeway No. 3A Muzha, Taipei, Shenkeng Muzha, Taipei, Shenkeng  

Muzha Rest Area

25 --    

For northbound traffic only

Xindian Interchange

26 Xindian Xindian Xindian  

Ankeng Interchange

31 Ankeng, Xindian, Shuiyuan Highway (Taipei) Ankeng, Xindian Ankeng, Xindian, Taipei  

Zhonghe Interchange

35 Banqiao, Zhonghe/Provincial Highway 64 (Bali – Xindian) Zhonghe, Banqiao Zhonghe, Banqiao  

Tucheng Interchange

42 Tucheng Tucheng, Banqiao Tucheng, Banqiao  

Shulin Interchange

46 Shulin, Sanxia Shulin, Sanxia ------

Exit for southbound traffic and entrance for northbound traffic only

Sanying Interchange

50 Sanxia, Yingge Yingge (A)
Sanxia (B)

Sanxia, Yingge (A)

Sanxia (B)

Two exits available to southbound traffic


Two exits available to northbound traffic

A:Sanxia, Yingge

Yingge System Interchange

54 Freeway No. 2 Bade, Taoyuan Airport Bade, Taoyuan Airport  

Daxi Interchange

62 Daxi, Zhongli/Provincial Highway 66 (Guanyin – Daxi) Cihu, Daxi, Zhongli, Pingzhen Cihu, Daxi, Zhongli, Pingzhen


Longtan Interchange

68 Longtan Longtan Longtan  
Gaoyuan Interchange 73 Longtan Longtan,Gaoyuan Longtan,Gaoyuan  

Guanxi Service Area

76 --      

Guanxi Interchange

79 Guanxi, Xinpu  Guanxi, Xinpu  Guanxi, Xinpu  

Zhulin Interchange

90 Zhudong, Qionglin Zhudong, Qionglin Zhudong, Qionglin


Baoshan Rest Area

96 --    

For southbound traffic only

Baoshan Interchange

98 Baoshan, Science-Based Industrial Park Baoshan, Science-Based Industrial Park Baoshan, Science-Based Industrial Park  

Hsinchu System Interchange

100 Freeway No. 1 Hsinchu, Toufen Hsinchu, Toufen  

Jiadong Interchange

103 Hsinchu Hsinchu Hsinchu  

Xiangshan Interchange

109 Toufen, Zhunan, Hsinchu Xiangshan, Toufen  Xiangshan, Zhunan  

Xibin Interchange

115 Provincial Highway 61 (West Coast Expressway), Zhunan  Provincial Road 61 ------

Exit for southbound traffic and entrance for northbound traffic only

Zhunan Interchange

119 Zhunan, Toufen  Zhunan  Zhunan  

Dashan Interchange

124 Dashan, Zaoqiao Zaoqiao, Dashan Zaoqiao, Dashan  

Houlong Interchange

130 Miaoli, Houlong Miaoli, Houlong Miaoli, Houlong  

Xihu Service Area



Tongxiao Interchange

144 Tongxiao, Tongluo Tongluo, Tongxiao Tongluo, Tongxiao  

Yuanli Interchange

156 Yuanli, Sanyi Sanyi, Yuanli Sanyi, Yuanli  

Dajia Interchange

164 Dajia, Waipu Waipu, Dajia Waipu, Dajia  

Zhonggang System Interchange


Freeway No. 4 Shengang, Qingshui Shengang, Qingshui


Qingshui Service Area

172 --      

Shalu Interchange


Shalu, Daya Daya, Shalu Daya, Shalu  

Longjing Interchange

182 Longjing, Taichung Taichung, Longjing Taichung, Longjing


Hemei Interchange

191 Hemei, Shengang emei, Shengang emei, Shengang  

Changhua System Interchange

196 Freeway No. 1 Taichung, Changhua Taichung, Changhua  

Kuaiguan Interchange


Provincial Highway 74 (Zhongzhang Expressway)

Taichung, Changhua Taichung,  Changhua


Wuri Interchange


Wuri Wuri Wuri  

Zhongtou Interchange

209 Provincial Highway 63 (Zhongtou Expressway) Dali Taichung, Dali  

Wufeng Interchange

211 Wufeng,Taiping Wufeng Wufeng  

Wufeng System

214 Freeway No. 6 Guoxing, Puli Guoxing, Puli  

Caotun Interchange


Caotun, Fenyuan Caotun, Fengyuan Fengyuan (A)
Caotun (B)

Two exits for northbound traffic

Zhongxing System Interchange

222 Provincial Highway 76 (Hanbao – Caotun) Yuanlin Yuanlin


Zhongxing Interchange


Nantou, Caotun, Zhongxing Village Nantou, Zhongxing  Village Nantou, Zhongxing  Village  

Nantou Interchange


Nantou,Zhongliao Nantou,Zhongliao Nantou,Zhongliao  

Nantou Service Area




Mingjian Interchange


Mingjian, Nantou, Jiji Mingjian, Jiji Mingjian, Jiji  

Zhushan Interchange


Zhushan, Lugu Zhushan , Lugu Zhushan , Lugu  

Nanyun Interchange

250 Zhushan,Linnei Zhushan,Linnei Zhushan,Linnei  

Douliu Interchange

260 Douliu, Linnei Douliu, Linnei Douliu, Linnei  

Gukeng System Interchange


Provincial Highway 78 (Taixi – Gukeng) Taixi, Gukeng Douliu,Taixi


Gukeng Interchange

271 Gukeng Taixi, Gukeng Gukeng  

Gukeng Service Area

276 --      

Meishan Interchange


Dalin, Meishan Meishan, Dalin Meishan, Dalin  

Zhuqi Interchange


Chiayi, Zhuqi, Minxiong Zhuqi, Minxiong, Chiayi Zhuqi, Minxiong, Chiayi  

Zhongpu Interchange

297 Chiayi, Zhongpu Zhongpu, Chiayi Zhongpu, Chiayi  

Shuishang System Interchange

300 Provincial Highway 82 (Dongshi – Chiayi) Shuishang Shuishang  

Baihe Interchange


Baihe, Dongshan Dongshan, Baihe Dongshan, Baihe  

Dongshan Service Area



Liuying Interchange


Liuying, Dongshan Dongshan, Liuying Dongshan, Liuying  

Wushantou Interchange


Liujia, Guantian Guantian, Liujia Guantian, Liujia  

Guantian System Interchange


Guantian Interchange Guantian, Yujing Guantian, Danei  

Shanhua Interchange

340 Shanhua, Shanshang Shanhua, Shanshang Shanhua, Shanshang  

Xinhua System Interchange


Freeway No. 8 Xinhua , Tainan Tainan, Xinhua  

Xinhua Rest Area

350 --      

Guanmiao Interchange


Guanmiao, Guiren/Provincial Highway 86 (Tainan – Guanmiao) Guanmiao, Guiren Guanmiao, Guiren  

Guanmiao Service Area



Tianliao Interchange


Tianliao, Alian Tianliao, Alian Tianliao, Alian  

Yanchao System Interchange


Freeway No. 10 Qishan,Kaohsiung  Qishan, Kaohsiung  

Jiuru Interchange


Pingtung, Jiuru, Ligang Ligang, Pingtung Ligang, Pingtung


Changzhi Interchange


Pingtung, Changzhi, Sandimen Changzhi, Sandimen Changzhi, Sandimen  

Linluo Interchange


Pingtung, Linluo, Neipu Linluo, Neipu  Pingtung, Neipu  

Zhutian System Interchange

415 Provincial Highway 88 (Kaohsiung – Chaozhou) Zhutian, Kaohsiung Zhutian, Kaohsiung  

Kanding Interchange

421 Kanding Kanding --

Exit for southbound traffic and entrance for northbound traffic only

Nanzhou Interchange

424 Nanzhou, Xinpi Xinpi, Nanzhou Xinpi, Nanzhou  

Linbian Interchange

430 Linbian, Donggang Linbian, Donggang --  

Dapengwan End

431   Dapengwan --  

Total Number of Interchanges



Freeway No. 3A – Taipei Connection Line (Taipei – Shenkeng)
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Name of facility Mileage Serving/connecting Eastbound exit to Westbound exit to Others

Taipei Top

0 Taipei (Xinhai Rd.) ------ Xinhai Rd.  

Wanfang Interchange

3 Taipei (Muzha Road), Xinyi Speedway (Xinyi Rd.) Muzha Rd. Muzha Rd.


Muzha Interchange

5 Freeway No. 3 Xindian (A)
Xindian (A)

Two exits for eastbound traffic
2.Two exits for westbound traffic

Shenkeng End

6 Shenkeng ------- -------


Total Number of Interchanges



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