Freeway facilities (interchanges, service areas)

Freeway No. 5 – Jiang Wei-shui Freeway (Taipei – Su’ao)

Distances of facilities (exits, service areas) from starting points of freeways
Freeway No. 5 – Jiang Wei-shui Freeway (Taipei – Su’ao)
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Name of facility



Southbound exit to Northbound exit to Others
Nangang System Interchange


Freeway No. 3 ------ Muzha, Xizhi  
Shiding Interchange 4 Shiding, Shenkeng Shiding, Shenkeng Shiding, Shenkeng  
Shiding Service Area   --    

Next to Shiding Interchange

Road exclusively for Pinglin Traffic Control Center 14

Pinglin Traffic Control Center



Toucheng Interchange 30 Toucheng, Jiaoxi Toucheng, Jiaoxi Toucheng, Jiaoxi  
Yilan Interchange 38 Yilan, Zhuangwei Yilan, Zhuangwei Yilan, Zhuangwei  

Luodong Interchange

47 Luodong, Wujie Luodong, Wujie Luodong, Wujie  

Su’ao Interchange

54 Su’ao, Dongshan Su’ao, Dongshan ----  

Su' ao Service Area 54  --        Next to Su' ao Interchange 

Total Number of Interchanges


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