Freeway facilities (interchanges, service areas)

Freeway No. 4 – Taichung Circular Line (Qingshui – Tanzi)

Distances of facilities (interchanges, toll stations, service areas) from starting points of freeways
Freeway No. 4 – Taichung Circular Line (Qingshui – Tanzi)
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Name of facility Mileage Serving/connecting Eastbound exit to Westbound exit to Others
Qingshui Top 0 Wuqi, Qingshui ------ Qingshui, Taichung Harbor  
Zhonggang System Interchange 2 Freeway No. 3 Shalu (A)
Dajia (B)
Shalu (A)
Dajia (B)

1.Two exits for eastbound traffic
  A: Shalu
  B: Dajia
2.Two exits for westbound traffic
   A: Shalu
   B: Dajia

Shengang Interchange 9 Shengang Shengang Shengang  
Taichung System Interchange 11 Freeway No. 1 Houli, Taichung Houli, Taichung  
Houfeng Interchange 14 Houli, Fengyuan Houli, Fengyuan ------- Entrance for westbound traffic and exit for eastbound traffic only
Fengshi Interchange 17 Fengyuan Fengyuan, Shigang, Dongshi Fengyuan, Shigang, Dongshi  
Tanzi Interchange 26 Tanzi Tanzi Tanzi  
Tanzi System Interchange 28 Provincial Highway 74 (Kuaiguan – Wufeng) Wufeng, Taiping, Kuaiguan -------  

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