Freeway facilities (interchanges, service areas)

Freeway No. 4 – Taichung Circular Line (Qingshui – Fengyuan)

Distances of facilities (interchanges, toll stations, service areas) from starting points of freeways
Freeway No. 4 – Taichung Circular Line (Qingshui – Fengyuan)
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Name of facility Mileage Serving/connecting Eastbound exit to Westbound exit to Others
Qingshui Top 0 Wuqi, Qingshui ------ Qingshui, Taichung Harbor  
Zhonggang System Interchange 2 Freeway No. 3 Shalu (A) 
Dajia (B)
 Shalu (A)
Dajia (B)

1.Two exits for eastbound traffic
  A: Shalu
  B: Dajia
2.Two exits for westbound traffic
   A: Shalu
   B: Dajia

Shengang Interchange 9 Shengang Shengang Shengang  
Taichung System Interchange 11 Freeway No. 1 Houli, Taichung Houli, Taichung  
Houfeng Interchange 14 Houli, Fengyuan Houli, Fengyuan ------- Entrance for westbound traffic and exit for eastbound traffic only
Fengyuan End 17 Fengyuan Fengyuan, Shigang, Dongshi -------  

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